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has released the new Feed-in-Tariffs for 2019. rates look promising. is below expectati…
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17 days ago by schee
With Vineyard Wind, the U.S. Finally Goes Big on Offshore Wind Power
The 800-megawatt Vineyard Wind project is the first large offshore wind farm in the U.S. It won’t be the last
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19 days ago by Bluyssae
Windfarm industry urges UK to lift onshore subsidies ban | Environment | The Guardian
Ministers have been urged to drop their block on subsidies for onshore windfarms, as industry figures showed that nearly 800 renewable projects are ready to plug much of the power gap left by the abandonment of the Wylfa nuclear project.

Hitachi dropped plans for the nuclear plant in Wales this week, raising questions over what would replace it and leading the business secretary, Greg Clark, to admit that renewable energy sources are more competitively priced than nuclear.
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4 weeks ago by asterisk2a
Our university developed a game to allow people to see what turbines look like. Prof Ca…
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10 weeks ago by kerim
Toolkit Produced for Optimizing Floating Renewables Devices
The toolkit consists of two main components: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) using Proteus open-source software and Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) using the Chrono open-source solver. Both models have been validated separately and together. Using a CFD model early in development can reduce costs in design optimization by performing full-scale simulations under realistic sea states, before performing laboratory tests which may be subject to practical limitations. 
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10 weeks ago by aries1988

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