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Why availability matters
"It's not 1% of people who always can't see your site and 99% of people who always can. It's 1% of visits. Almost all the people who don't get your site correctly actually should have been able to. They don't have JavaScript turned off. They're not browsing on a WAP phone over a 2g connection from a shanty town. They're you, in a cellar bar or a hotel room or waiting for the phone network to wake back up."
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yesterday by nhoizey
pedrocr/syncer: A filesystem that pretends you have all your files locally while caching only the most recently used
uses SQLite to store some metadata for a FUSE filesystem that pretends all your data is available but that just keeps a local cache and fetches it from the server on demand
sqlite  file  fs  fuse  local  remote  rsync  ssh  cache  large  files  offline  dropbox  via:masukomi 
9 days ago by ramses0
Bluebird Pocket Planner
A pocket-sized notebook that prompts you to plan your weeks and days.
planner  offline  paper  print  free  via:jppferguson 
9 days ago by tribbles

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