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JavaScript Libraries for adding offline support to web apps
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2 days ago by atomicjeep
Toward Predicting the Outcome of an A/B Experiment for Search Relevance - Microsoft Research
A standard approach to estimating online click-based metrics of a ranking function is to run it in a controlled experiment on live users. While reliable and popular in practice, configuring and running an online experiment is cumbersome and time-intensive. In this work, inspired by recent successes of offline evaluation techniques for recommender systems, we study an alternative that uses historical search log to reliably predict online click-based metrics of a new ranking function, without actually running it on live users.
To tackle novel challenges encountered in Web search, variations of the basic techniques are proposed. The first is to take advantage of diversified behavior of a search engine over a long period of time to simulate randomized data collection, so that our approach can be used at very low cost. The second is to replace exact matching (of recommended items in previous work) by fuzzy matching (of search result pages) to increase data efficiency, via a better trade-off of bias and variance. Extensive experimental results based on large-scale real search data from a major commercial search engine in the US market demonstrate our approach is promising and has potential for wide use in Web search.
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19 days ago by foodbaby

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