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The App Shell Model  |  Web Fundamentals  |  Google Developers
An application shell (or app shell) architecture is one way to build a Progressive Web App that reliably and instantly loads on your users' screens, similar to what you see in native applications
javascript  webdesign  pwa  offline 
12 hours ago by tero
Mistletoe Offline
Jeremy Keith reminds us that 4G is king. The carollers sing. One tunnel has passed, a new one’s beginning. Dreams of wi-fi on the go. Fingers numb, smart phones aglow. It’s Christmas time, mistletoe offline. Children streaming their gameplay online. With batteries on fire and gigabytes for free, it’s time to rejoice in connectivity.
fridayfrontend  offline  pwa  javascript  serviceworkers 
2 days ago by spaceninja
Going Offline First (Video Series)
This is a great video series from Ire that takes you through five steps on how to create an offline experience on your website. The videos range between 8 and 23 minutes so you could watch them all in your lunch break, or take a short moment out of each day of your week next week and become offline ready.
tutorial  offline  video  338  newslettered 
6 days ago by justinavery
GitHub - ireade/offline-first-tutorial: Repository to follow along to Ghost PWA video series
This video series is about how I made this blog "offline-first". You can see my process by following along with the video series:
code  frontend  github  offline  pwa 
6 days ago by kogakure
Hugo is one of the most popular open-source static site generators. With its amazing speed and flexibility, Hugo makes building websites fun again
cms  tools  opensource  offline  website 
7 days ago by torben
Jermy Keith Mistletoe Offline 24 ways
If you’ve got a custom 404 page, why not make a custom offline page too
24ways  jeremykeith  offline  service-workers  tutorial 
8 days ago by microspino

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