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Esports Is (Finally) an Official Medal Sport for the 2019 SEA Games
In a press conference held by the Philippines Southeast Asian Games Organizing Committee (PhilSGOC) in Pasay City on Wednesday, it was announced that with a partnership between the Philippines Olympic Committee and gaming hardware giant Razer, esports will be a part of the 2019 SEA Games officially as a full-fledged medal sport. With six gold...

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Esports  Is  (Finally)  an  Official  Medal  Sport  for  the  2019  SEA  Games 
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Pairazahda - Series - Comixology
A world where light and dark magic are interweaved...Pairazahda. The harmony of that world is embodied in Lega and Iliyer who have awakened. But, the religion of Narudo's evil influences are creeping up on the two of them…
isbn13:B0774ZPGJB  manga  official 
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New Nurse Station - Series - ComiXology
Shortly after reuniting with her boyfriend, Yuya, in Jamaica, Nurse Nakayama Keiko loses Yuya to his sickness forever. After his death, although she tries her best to keep her spirits up, she starts to frequently make mistakes at work. A drama set in a hospital which tells the story of Keiko who tries to carry on with her life while receiving loving support from those around her.
isbn13:B07755SH52  manga  official 
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My Girlfriend - Series - ComiXology
The newly appointed teacher of an all-girls school, Hiro Yamashita reunites with his sister-in-law Kumiko, after several years. One day after school she invites him to a tennis rally for the first time in a while, which leads to gradual and shocking changes in their relationship… A heartwarming love story with a unique cast of girls.
isbn13:B0774ZKY78  manga  official 
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An Innocent Puppy Meets a Two-Faced Cat - Renta!
A mild-mannered gentleman, good at his job, and reliable; Naohito's been wearing his mask of "perfection" for so long it's become as easy as breathing. That is, until he meets HIM. At the behest of a childhood friend, Naohito grudgingly attends a singles party for twenty- and thirty-somethings. With zero interest in mingling with the crowd, Naohito sits off on his own - and meets a much younger man, Tohru Akasaka, who clings to him like a puppy. Naohito's barely able to cope with Tohru's youthful energy, and they go their separate ways... but in a twist of fate, end up meeting again. Naohito's life is flipped upside down by his companion. Will he give into this young man and let his mask drop!? Find out in this heart-pounding tale of two lovers as they struggle to overcome their age gap and the trials of living under the same roof.
isbn13:PUPPYTF  manga  official 
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Spend Wisely - Renta!
Makoto Kanekura works hard every day to pay off his father's debt. One day, the black-market lender Manami Godai hooks him up with a lucrative job. "Every time you sleep with me, I'll slash $300 off your debt." Makoto steels himself for the worst, but it turns out he's not the bottom...! This is a money-driven romance about an innocent young man and a loan shark who loves to bottom!
isbn13:SPWIS  manga  official 
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My Dearest Cop - Series - Renta!
Seiji Tajima is a single, forty-something shop owner who's close friends with police officer Shin Nakamoto. Shin, who's just been assigned a patrol in Seiji's neighborhood, has known the older man since he was in high school - back when Seiji himself worked in the police force. Shin's harbored a crush on Seiji for years, but has convinced himself that their relationship is as good as it gets - until one day out of the blue, Seiji casually mentions the possibility of trying his luck with men... His simmering feelings suddenly brought to the boil, Shin shoves Seiji up against the wall, and... From the author of the hit comic "An Innocent Puppy Meets a Two-Faced Cat" comes a new spin-off!Can Shin, who's held a 10-year-long torch for the (too) laid-back Seiji, win in this game of love?
isbn13:DEARCOP  manga  official 
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One-sided Love Paradise - Series - ComiXology
University student Hitoshi Kawase's love interest---not only is it another boy, it's his older brother!…Faced with a love that will never be realized, one day Ikegami Natsuhiko appears as a fellow classmate with similar looks to his brother. Although the two continue to become closer, Hitoshi still feels his heart drawn to his brother.
isbn13:B077TH833T  manga  official 
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The Ring of The Nibelung - Series - ComiXology
The one who holds the ring crafted from the gold of the Rhine River, has the power to rule the world. So unfolds this epic Sci-fi saga, as Gods, Giants and Humans battle to obtain the ring and its power.
isbn13:B07771DZVM  manga  official 
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Riho Sachima - Series - ComiXology
Set In The turbulent Meiji era, this is the story of a ten year old girl who is sold to a brothel and faces many trials and tribulations in "The flower memoirs". Then in "Dreams of the Sovereign North " `Page Tetsunosuke witnesses Toshizo Hijikata's brave life. There at many short stories to enjoy!
isbn13:B07754K5NQ  manga  official 
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Kira the legendary Fairy - Series - ComiXology
The selfish Fairy Princess Kira, decides to visit the human world and falls in love with a human named Kento. But what will she do when the Fairy King asks her to destroy the human world…
isbn13:B0775KFT5H  manga  official 
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Shinobi Life - Series - ComiXology
A fantastic ninja comedy!! Beni doesn't care whether she lives or dies until one day a hero appears before her very eyes. And this hero, who swears his undying loyalty to her turns out to be none other than...a ninja from the past?!
isbn13:B07K4F13YY  manga  official 
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Boring Ninomiya-san - Juné Manga
— Ninomiya-san takes a leap into a once in a lifetime chance at love —
Ninomiya, a cram school teacher, was recently dumped by his ex lover who said he was, "boring to be around."
As he wallows in self-pity, a handsome boy (Sada) appears before him.
It was supposed to be only for one night, but then...
A love story between a handsome boy and a boring person that's sure to make your heart skip!
This manga contains a total of three stories that are anything but boring! From co-workers at a convenience store, to the supernatural, this book is fun ride from start to end!~
isbn13:BORINGNINO  manga  official 
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Kiss My Blood - Juné Manga
Tetsu Koiwai is your average teacher that just so happens to be the caretaker of his vampire childhood friend Shima Inoue. In an effort to closely watch over Shima and keep him out of harm's way, they have formed a student-teacher relationship. The plot thickens however, when Shima has a taste of jealousy and Tetsu's blood.
isbn13:KISSMYBLOOD  manga  official 
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