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Office 365 Groups vs. Shared Mailboxes
Should you use a shared mailbox, or an Office 365 Group? The answer is, it depends. Find out the pros and cons of each option.
office365  groups  sharedmailboxes 
19 hours ago by ericmmyers
Overview of teams and channels in Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs
Learn about the different teams, channels, and apps available to a wide variety of requirements such as finance, event planning, sales, and more.
teams  office365 
4 days ago by bonni208
Use DKIM to validate outbound email sent from your custom domain in Office 365 | Microsoft Docs
Summary: This article describes how you use DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) with Office 365 to ensure that destination email systems trust messages sent from your custom domain.
office365  dkim  info 
4 days ago by natedoc
What's new in Office 365 - Office Support
As an Office 365 subscriber, you regularly get new and improved Office features. Take a look below to see what's available to you today.
Whatsnew  kbase  reference  microsoft  office365  releasenotes 
6 days ago by ferdinandfuchs

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