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Release notes for Office 2016 for Mac - Office Support
Looks like this is Microsoft’s changelog for Office 2016 for Mac.
office  word  excel  2016  changelog  microsoft  2018  mac 
10 hours ago by handcoding
Benefit sanctions found to be ineffective and damaging | Society | The Guardian
Benefit sanctions found to be ineffective and damaging
Study concludes that punishing claimants triggers profoundly negative outcomes
targets  DWP  Home  Office  sanctions  UK  Austerity  ESA  Disabled  Universal  Credit 
2 days ago by asterisk2a
How to optimize remote work | Marginalia
Remote work has increased 115% since 2005 and it is predicted that 38% of full-time staff will be working remotely in the next decade. To provide insight into how and why remote work is an effective business strategy for a growing number of companies and teams, Remote.
office  productivity  remoteworking 
6 days ago by fwhamm
Are Management Contracts The Future Of The Flexible Workspace Industry? | AllWork.Space
New opportunities are opening for coworking operators to enter into management agreements with real estate owners, but the ideal workspace business model should also include leasing and ownership.
coworking  management  vermont  CRE  real  estate  services  office 
7 days ago by wmaceyka
Office 2016 Deployment Tool
Herramienta de administración e instalación de las fuentes de Office para poder instalar Offline.
colegio  anjosu  office  office365 
8 days ago by luispautt

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