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oecd new approaches to economic challenges - Qwant Suche
Qwant ist eine Suchmaschine, die Ihre Privatsphäre respektiert und das Entdecken und Teilen über einen sozialen Ansatz erleichtert.
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9 days ago by zesteur
These are the OECD's most productive economies | World Economic Forum
Romania recorded the highest ratio of GDP per hours worked - or in other words, the ability to get stuff done in less time. But is that always a good thing?
productivity  oecd  biophysical.economics  wef 
20 days ago by zesteur
How can we tax the footloose multinationals? | Business | The Guardian
Apple and companies like it claim to be socially responsible, but that should mean paying your fair share of tax
taxation  public.finance  oecd  tax.havens 
5 weeks ago by zesteur
OECD Going Digital Summit - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Important event in March--OECD will publish guidelines (note the positive influence of their 2003 privacy guidelines) for the use of AI.
oecd  guidelines  ai 
6 weeks ago by becky_hogge
Compact City Policies - A Comparative Assessment, OECD - recommendations
This book examines the concept of the compact city and the implication of the current urban context for compact city policies. It explores their potential outcomes, particularly in terms of how it can contribute to Green Growth and looks at developing indicators to monitor compact city and track policy performance. It reviews compact city policies currently being implemented across the OECD in relation to the pursuit of Green Growth objectives and provides ideas to achieve better outcomes. And it assesses the key governance challenges faced by decision-makers as they seek to implement practical compact city strategies. This report is thus intended as “food for thought” for national, sub-national and municipal governments as they seek to address their economic and environmental challenges through the development and implementation of spatial strategies in pursuit of Green Growth objectives. It also illustrates best practices (which present key elements of successful compact city policies) based on empirical evidence that can be shared across OECD member countries.
cities  compact  green-growth  p33507  OECD  guidance 
october 2018 by spencertree
Fakten und Zahlen zu Korruptionsrisiken für staatseigene Unternehmen | OECD
Der neue OECD-Bericht „State-Owned Enterprises and Corruption: What Are the Risks and What Can Be Done?“ liefert umfassende Fakten und Zahlen zu Korruptionsrisiken für staatseigene Unternehmen und schlägt Maßnahmen vor, die dem Staat als Unternehmer helfen, Korruption zu bekämpfen und die Integrität in diesem Sektor zu fördern.
korruption  transparency  wirtschaft  unternehmen  OECD 
august 2018 by weitzenegger
World Class | READ online
2018, Schleicher-Buch über Education mit eigenem Bio-Aufsatz, 300 Seiten
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august 2018 by MicrowebOrg
The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think
One of usability’s most hard-earned lessons is that you are not the user. This is why it’s a disaster to guess at the users’ needs. Since designers are so different from the majority of the target audience, it’s not just irrelevant what you like or what you think is easy to use — it’s often misleading to rely on such personal preferences.
oecd  computer  computing  users  user's  user  skills  skill  level  ability  worse  than  you  think 
august 2018 by theskett

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