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House prices: Have they actually gone up in your neighbourhood? - BBC News
The BBC data team and the Open Data Institute (ODI) Leeds analysed more than eight million residential property transactions in England and Wales from the Land Registry database for the period from 2007 to July this year. These exclude mortgaged buy-to-let properties.
housing  dj  bbcvj  odi 
8 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Our three levers – The ODI
"[Our strategy needs] to address the motivation, opportunity and capability of those actors. We have found three sets of activities that, in our experience, are most likely to lead to that sustainable change. 1) Sector programmes – coordinating organisations to tackle a social or economic problem with data and an open approach. 2) Practical advocacy – working as a critical friend with businesses and government, and creating products they can use to support change.
3) Peer networks – bringing together peers in similar situations to learn together."
odi  data  opendata  levers  change  sectors  organizations  coordination  advocacy  business  government  peernetworks  research  up-to-us 
10 weeks ago by danhon
Our theory of change – The ODI
"Three activities create impact from data: 1) stewarding data – collecting it, maintaining it and sharing it; 2) creating information from that data – in the form of products and services, analyses and insights, or stories and visualisations; 3) deciding what to do – informed by information from multiple sources along with experience and understanding"
odi  strategy  manifesto  theoryofchange  research  up-to-us  activities  data  opendata  stewarding  synthesizing  creating  deciding 
10 weeks ago by danhon
Our manifesto – The ODI
Our six manifesto points will help us to achieve our vision: we want people, organisations and communities to use data to make better decisions and be protected from any harmful impacts
infrastructure  ethics  manifesto  odi  up-to-us  innovation  equity  research  data  engagement  strategy  capability 
10 weeks ago by danhon
Our Strategy – The ODI
“We want people, organisations and communities to use data to make better decisions and be protected from any harmful impacts.”
mission  strategy  manifesto  odi  research  up-to-us 
10 weeks ago by danhon
BIA.studio OUTCOME-DRIVEN design™ - BIA.studio
Very interesting appropriation of JTBD for design.
odi  jtbd  design 
june 2018 by bjkraal
Tool to retrieve ODI 11 passwords
odi  epm  fusion  middleware  oracle 
february 2018 by toyg
The Data Ethics Canvas | Open Data Institute
The Open Data Institute (ODI) equip, connect and inspire people around the world to innovate with data. Co-founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Sir Nigel Shadbolt, the ODI provides events, training, membership and consultancy around open data.
dataethics  ODI  opendata 
october 2017 by fionntan

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