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140 Characters » How Twitter Was Born
How Twitter went from idea to product. I love stories like this because you know how much it means to the people involved. (via Preoccupations)
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february 2009 by philgyford
How Twitter Was Born
“Rebooting” or reinventing the company started with a daylong brainstorming session where we broke up into teams to talk about our best ideas. I was lucky enough to be in @Jack’s group, where he first described a service that uses SMS to tell small groups what you are doing.
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february 2009 by trevorturk
Embed MP3 Files Into Your Website
Simple code fragment for embedding audio in a flash player in your webpage
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september 2008 by gamerlearner
Liminal Existence
Blaine Cook - twitter's architect
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july 2008 by 5w

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