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Ev Williams profile
Long, positive article about the influential tech entrepreneur
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june 2016 by nelson
Twitter: Who were the Odeo investors who were not interested in Twitter? - Quora
Investors in Odeo (remaining investors in Twitter are in bold, the rest presumably pulled out) [1]:
Charles River Ventures (apparently pulled out from Odeo, but came back in only in Series B - feel free to suggest an edit here)
Mitch Kapor
Joe Kraus
Tim O'Reilly
Ron Conway
Josh Kopelman
Don Hutchinson
Dave Pell
Francesco Caio
Barbara Poggiali
Emanuele Angelidis
James Hong
Ed Zschau
Ariel Poler
Amicus Capital
Maples Investments
twitter  odeo  investors  quora 
november 2011 by rufous
How did Jack Dorsey, Ev William and Biz Stone split up the equity on Twitter when they restructured Twitter (post-Odeo)? - Quora
The initial employees got somewhere between 0.5% and 1.5%, Jack got something like 5% to 15%, and Biz probably got something similar. All of these were FOUNDERS SHARES, common stock, not preferred, but also not options. It might seem small, but it was extremely generous of Ev. It was his company and his money. 
evan_williams  founders  biz_stone  twitters  odeo  options  equity  quora 
november 2011 by rufous
What's the story of how Twitter got started at Odeo? - Quora
When it became clear that Odeo was not going to become a huge success in the podcasting space, there was a period of soul searching and hack days. One of those hack days, Jack, Noah, and Florian (another rails dev at Odeo), created Twitter.  The initial version seemed interesting, Noah, Jack, and Florian kept working on it for several months, while the rest of the team stayed focused on Odeo.

At this time, there were various efforts to sell Odeo, which didn't pan out. It became clear that the development team was bigger than was needed to experiment with Twitter and maintain Odeo. So the VP of Product, Tim Roberts, VP of Engineering, Tony Stubblebine, myself, and Dom who was running QA, left. 
twitter  jack_dorsey  evan_williams  odeo  founders  quora 
november 2011 by rufous
Ev's not an asshole
Nicely balanced, personal reflection from Matt Haughey about working with Evan Williams
mathowie  evanwilliams  ev  twitter  odeo  investment  startups 
april 2011 by nelson
How Twitter Was Founded - Nicholas Carlson, Business Insider
How Twitter's owners and top executives say Twitter was founded is different than how Twitter was actually founded.
Twitter_Founding  Evan_Williams  Odeo  Noah_Glass  Biz_Stone  Jack_Dorsey 
april 2011 by jrick
An Interview With Twitter's Forgotten Founder, Noah Glass - Nicholas Carlson, Business Insider
Noah Glass is the Twitter cofounder you've never heard of. He was pushed out of the company way back in 2006. Before that he was the cofounder of a startup called Odeo. He had an investor who would become cofounder and CEO, Ev Williams.
Noah_Glass  Twitter_Founding  Odeo 
april 2011 by jrick
Twitter Was Act One | Business | Vanity Fair
“It was a podcasting company. I had no interest in podcasting. It turns out no one in the company did, either.”
odeo  from twitter
march 2011 by sull
Twitter Was Act One | Business | Vanity Fair
Very interesting read on Jack Dorsey and, by extension, the history of Twitter from his perspective.
twitter  business  jackdorsey  square  odeo  socialmedia  socialnetworking 
march 2011 by paulbalcerak
Odeo Releases Twttr
But the fact that this is coming from Odeo makes me wonder – what is this company doing to make their core offering compelling? How do their shareholders feel about side projects like Twttr when their primary product line is, besides the excellent design, a total snoozer?
odeo  twitter  techcrunch 
march 2011 by rufous

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