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The blanket are not just visually stunning but incredibly interesting . Females grow to six feet l…
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Chris, an aquarist at taught the little named inkling to wav…
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See an Octopus Change Color as It Sleeps, Perchance Dreams - Atlas Obscura
THOUGH THE OCTOPUS IN THE video below may appear deep in sleep, its skin is wide awake. In a matter of seconds, it pulses from coconut white to muted gray to speckled brown, all while the cephalopod clings to a rock, its eyes shut tight. LiveScience recently shared this dramatic video, originally taken by Rebecca Otey in 2017, of a Caribbean two-spot octopus slumbering in a tank in the Butterfly Pavilion, a nonprofit invertebrate zoo in Colorado. The cephalopods are widely admired these days for their intelligence, but is this one … dreaming?
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Octopus and squid evolution is officially weirder than we could have ever imagined • Science Alert
Signe Dean:
<p>Just when we thought octopuses <a href="https://www.sciencealert.com/octopuses-are-able-to-see-with-their-skin-new-research-says">couldn't be any weirder</a>, it turns out that they and their cephalopod brethren evolve differently from nearly every other organism on the planet.

In a surprising twist, in April 2017 scientists discovered that octopuses, along with some squid and cuttlefish species, routinely edit their RNA (ribonucleic acid) sequences to adapt to their environment.

This is weird because that's really not how adaptations usually happen in multicellular animals. When an organism changes in some fundamental way, it typically starts with a genetic mutation - a change to the DNA.

Those genetic changes are then translated into action by DNA's molecular sidekick, RNA. You can think of DNA instructions as a recipe, while RNA is the chef that orchestrates the cooking in the kitchen of each cell, producing necessary proteins that keep the whole organism going.

But RNA doesn't just blindly execute instructions - occasionally it improvises with some of the ingredients, changing which proteins are produced in the cell in a rare process called RNA editing.

When such an edit happens, it can change how the proteins work, allowing the organism to fine-tune its genetic information without actually undergoing any genetic mutations.</p>

The hypothesis that they're actually alien visitors gathers steam.
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