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(17) (PDF) Disgust Processing and Obsessive Compulsive Traits: a pilot study
> Disgust propensity has been investigated with questionnaires and many studies found a relationship between Obsessive-Compulsive traits (OCT) and abnormal DP1, but there is lack of evidences with more objective physiological outcomes.
OCT  disgust  psychology 
17 days ago by porejide
OSA | Invariant features-based automated registration and montage for wide-field OCT angiography
The field of view of optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) images of the retina can be increased by montaging consecutive scans acquired at different retinal regions. Given the dramatic variation in aberrations throughout the entire posterior pole region, it is challenging to achieve seamless merging with apparent capillary continuity across the boundaries between adjacent angiograms. For this purpose, we propose herein a method that performs automated registration of contiguous OCTA images based on invariant features and uses a novel montage algorithm. The invariant features were used to register the overlapping areas between adjacently located scans by estimating the affine transformation matrix needed to accurately stitch them. Then, the flow signal was compensated to homogenize the angiograms with different brightness and the joints were blended to generate a seamless, montaged wide-field angiogram. We evaluated the algorithm on normal and diabetic retinopathy eyes. The proposed method could montage the angiograms seamlessly and provided a wide-field of view of retinal vasculature.
OCT  research  algorithms 
4 weeks ago by s.scottwhitmore
Detailed Vascular Anatomy of the Human Retina by Projection-Resolved Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography | Scientific Reports
Figure 8: Illustration of the projection-resolved (PR) optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) algorithm.

[<img src="https://media.nature.com/m685/nature-assets/srep/2017/170210/srep42201/images_hires/srep42201-f8.jpg">]

(A) and (D) Composite cross-sectional (B-scan) images before (A) and after (D) projection resolution. In these two images, suprathreshold decorrelation signal (red) is overlaid on the structural OCT (gray scale). The threshold distinguishes flow from background noise and is based on noise statistics. (B) Original axial profile of reflectance-normalized decorrelation signal (C) The projection resolution algorithm retains suprathreshold reflectance-normalized decorrelation signal that are higher than all voxels above (voxels classified as in situ flow in real vessels) and sets the remaining signal to zero (classified as flow projection artifacts).
OCT  algorithms 
5 weeks ago by s.scottwhitmore
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