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⚡️ 2019 - & highlights: amazing to see how was celebrated in
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20 days ago by schee
Maoris win Lego battle | World news | The Guardian
The Danish toy maker Lego said yesterday that it would not loot ethnic cultures for exotic new product names after Maori tribes in New Zealand challenged its right to use Polynesian names in a new game called Bionicle.
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9 weeks ago by Kjaleshire
Ethnographic Video Online (Requires Harvard Key)
Streaming video collection for the visual study of human culture and behavior, with classic and contemporary documentaries, unpublished footage from anthropologists and ethnographers, indigenous media productions, field and liner notes, biographies, and related full-text materials.
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may 2018 by HarvardMusicLib
Archive of Maori and Pacific Music
The world's largest ethnographic sound collection relating to the Pacific, with holdings of commercial and field recordings from most tribal groups of New Zealand and most Pacific Islands. Online collections include audio and video from the South Pacific Arts Festival (1976), the New Zealand Polynesian Festival (1981), and field recordings made by Richard Moyle on the island of Takū.

Maintained by: Department of Anthropology, University of Auckland
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february 2018 by HarvardMusicLib
South Pacific countries
Nice map with territory boundaries, flags
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august 2016 by nelson
Anna Fifield, "Guam: Complicated landscape as some push for independence while marines prepare for buildup," Pacific Islands Report
"“This American territory is not enjoying democracy, where citizens can determine who their leader will be and what laws will be put upon them,” said Republican Gov. Eddie Calvo, who has called a vote for November on Guam’s political status. “It’s up to our people to decide which way to go: whether to be fully in union with the United States or to chart a separate course.”

A “decolonization commission” is set to report to Calvo next month on whether to proceed with the plebiscite, which would give Guamanians three alternatives to their current status as a U.S. territory. That status — shared by Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands — confers U.S. citizenship on people born here but does not give them the right to vote in presidential elections or a voting representative in Congress.

“Guamanian soldiers have gone to fight in countries so they can have democracy and vote, yet we have never voted for the person who sends us to war,” the governor said."

The vote would not be binding — only Congress can change Guam’s political status — but would be symbolic of the territory’s sentiment.

The issue has been simmering for years but returned to the political front burner with the Pentagon’s preparations to relocate thousands of troops stationed on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa to here."
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june 2016 by Wed7pm
Graduiertenkolleg Wert und Äquivalent: Jebens 2016
RT : PhD position at the Goethe University, Frankfurt: "Material Culture in ", Value & Equivalence.
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may 2016 by hwileniu
Luc Vrolijks, "Disaster Resistant Housing in Pacific Island Countries," South Pacific Disaster Reduction Programme, March 1998
Direct link to the PDF (42 MB) (the website version is awful):

Shows how to construct or reinforce buildings in cyclone- or earthquake-prone regions. Detailed instructions on bracing (including the use of wire or cane instead of metal straps), types of nails, foundations (including how to attach an anchor beam on foundation posts instead of using concrete footings), walls, and roofing. Excellent value.
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june 2015 by Wed7pm
GlobeLand30 provides global land cover at a 30 meter resolution. Landcover classes include: Water bodies, wetland, artificial surfaces, tundra, permanent snow and ice, grass lands, barren lands, cultivated lands, shrub lands, and forests.
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april 2015 by uncgis
Metro Extracts
City-sized portions of OpenStreetMap, served weekly in a variety of formats. Brought to you by MAPZEN.
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april 2015 by uncgis

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