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Bonaire: Where Coral and Cactus Thrive, and the Sea Soothes the Soul
Coral restoration efforts, as well as beautiful pix of intact coral reefs.
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yesterday by paulmr
First Look at the Aquarium of the Pacific's Big Expansion Plans - Curbed LA
The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach announced a big, undulating expansion yesterday, revealing plans for a new wing they're calling Pacific Visions.
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2 days ago by sew245
Global nutrient transport in a world of giants | PNAS
Animals play an important role in the transport of nutrients, but this role has diminished because many of the largest animals have gone extinct or experienced massive population declines. Here, we quantify the movement of nutrients by animals in the land, sea, rivers, and air both now and prior to their widespread reductions. The capacity to move nutrients away from hotspots decreased to 6% of past values across land and ocean. The vertical movement of phosphorus (P) by marine mammals was reduced by 77% and movement of P from sea to land by seabirds and anadromous fish was reduced by 96%, effectively
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7 days ago by pelttari
Fast facts about plastic pollution
Versatile, pliable, durable, cheap to produce—and ubiquitous. Plastic is all of that. It is also both a life-saving miracle product and the scourge of the Earth. Here are eight essential facts to keep in mind.
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12 days ago by mifepba

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