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RT : Wtf? Rolling Jubilee is amazing. Anyone involved with knows them
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Occupy and the End of Socially Engaged Art | e-flux
and the End of Socially Engaged Art | e-flux
*That one time in band camp*
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april 2016 by jennifermjones
UC Davis pepper spray
Four videos from different angles, synced
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april 2016 by nelson
Democracy Spring: Over 400 Arrested at U.S. Capitol Protesting Corruption & Money in Politics | Democracy Now!
And when we were at the Capitol today, you could feel the energy that this can be a moment that can really turn the tide around this. And it’s because of the hard work of so many people who have built this coalition and brought people together and given them an opportunity to express what the vast majority of people in our country feel, which is that the political system is not representing us, that it is corrupt, and that, because of that, we have a rigged economy. We want a government of, by and for the people, not the 1 percent. And we stood up and sent a message that we’re going to win that, one way or another, yesterday.

AMY GOODMAN: Kai Newkirk, you also snuck a camera into the Supreme Court. Can you talk about what you did back in 2014 and why you were there?

KAI NEWKIRK Yes, that was on the eve of the expected decision in the McCutcheon v. FEC ruling, which was another—ultimately, another wrecking ball to the wall of separation between wealth and state in our society, Citizens United 2.0. And we felt like we needed to call attention to this crisis and the Supreme Court’s role in deepening it, and do so in a way that would inspire people to stand up. So, myself and one other person, Ryan Clayton from Wolf PAC, who also sat in with us yesterday, we went into the court, and I stood up and gave a short speech, was arrested. But we got it on video, the first video ever from inside the Supreme Court. We’ve done two similar actions, 99Rise, since then, with seven people and five people.

And I’m very proud, because the goal, in many ways, of that was to inspire other people to step up and to be willing to do something similar. And yesterday was a tremendous fulfillment of that, to see hundreds of people, over 500. It took them hours to get people processed and out. They had to get another bus, because they were not prepared. There were so many people. And more are going to be joining today and tomorrow. And we call on people, wherever you are this country, if you agree with us, get in your car, get on the bus, get a ticket, do whatever it takes to get to D.C. and be part of this moment.
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april 2016 by Quercki
RT : Ook in Frankrijk massaal protest tegen politiek establishment
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was nonpartisan and no longer exists.
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