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tHE rHizzonE - Fuck The New Inquiry, And Other Tales
Just as the rapacity of global capitalism has created a surplus population of eastern India’s Adivasis, driving them into the arms of the Maoist Naxalite rebellion, so too did it create a surplus population of New York’s upper-middle and upper class humanities graduates. No longer able to slide into the usual pathways of academia, publishing, or academic publishing, the very real prospect of proletarianisation (or at least having to get a job that paid an hourly wage) left Rosenfelt and many others with the terrifying future of never having opportunities beyond dinner parties and similar to demonstrate that they had, in fact, read The Waste Land at university.
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5 days ago by pjjw
Gamer’s Revanche
Not only is it a useful tool for shutting down dissenting voices, the existence of these angry-nerd movements among fans and consumers does what fascistic movements always do: divide the working class by getting some of them to identity with the boss [...]
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9 days ago by mattkelly
Needed: A New Marketing Strategy For Defending the Indefensible
A hedge fund billionaire, a working-class white guy, and a minority union member are sitting around a table with a plate of cookies in the middle. The billionaire reaches in and takes 9 cookies. He then turns to the working class guy and says "hey, I think that union guy has his eye on your cookie."
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13 days ago by mattkelly
Unbelievable “nail houses” around the world
In China, a "nail house" is a home whose resident refuses to leave in order to make way for new construction. Builders have to elaborately construct around it, often leaving behind an eyesore so awesome that it's almost a sculpture. Here are some of the most famous examples of nail houses.
occupy  housing  holdout 
15 days ago by jeffcressman
China’s Hong Kong Mistake - The New Yorker
Hong Kong’s growing activist network, known as Occupy Central (named after the city’s downtown) has increasingly alarmed leaders in Beijing, and they now describe the activism as a brush fire that could sweep over the mainland. In a piece published on Saturday, the People’s Daily, the Communist Party mouthpiece, hinted about foreign agitators “attempting to turn Hong Kong into a bridgehead for subverting and infiltrating the Chinese mainland. This can absolutely not be permitted.”
Occupy  Hong_Kong  Beijing  2017 
15 days ago by Midnight
Sarah Jaffe | Post-Occupied
olidarity or Charity? Occupy Sandy and Strike Debt
The first iteration of Occupy dealt with the issues of community and democracy, building collective spaces that reflected activists' values. The second iteration's two most public faces were Occupy Sandy and Strike Debt, both of which tried to organize through mutual aid.
After Superstorm Sandy hit New York and New Jersey, it is now well known that the Occupy Wall Street network jumped back into action, building community hubs in Brooklyn and Queens that distributed food, clothing and other supplies to survivors in the immediate wake of the storm, and raised money to help with rebuilding efforts. Skills first honed in the park - feeding hundreds and distributing supplies and divvying up donations - translated easily to filling the gaps left by the failures of state and federal agencies and the major NGOs.
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27 days ago by jomc

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