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How Do You Create the Labor Force for the Maquiladoras and to Work in the Gardens of Rich Americans?
Above: Honduran sweatshop workers, i.e., people with histories One of the worst parts of the debate on the globalization of production is the discussion of workers. For promoters of uncontrolled
Agriculture  and  Farming  Honduras  Occupy  Wall  Street 
4 days ago by baboonez
The Milquetoast Radicals - The New York Times
The 99-versus-1 frame is also extremely self-limiting. If you think all problems flow from a small sliver of American society, then all your solutions are going to be small, too. The policy proposals that have been floating around the Occupy Wall Street movement — a financial transfer tax, forgiveness for student loans — are marginal.

The Occupy Wall Street movement may look radical, but its members’ ideas are less radical than those you might hear at your average Rotary Club. Its members may hate capitalism. A third believe the U.S. is no better than Al Qaeda, according to a New York magazine survey, but since the left no longer believes in the nationalization of industry, these “radicals” really have no systemic reforms to fall back on.
occupy  occupywallst  occupywallstreet  politics  activism  parecon  economy  economics  markets  capitalism  inequality 
27 days ago by msszczep
Urban Omnibus » Rules of Conduct
The establishment of a protest camp at Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, the foundational act of Occupy Wall Street, transformed the concept of privately owned public space (POPS) from a poorly understood zoning incentive into a household word, and a provocative metaphor for the encroachment of corporate interests into civic life. A manicured open space originally created by US Steel to negotiate a height bonus for an adjacent building, this was no Tahrir Square. But its status as the visible base of a worldwide movement did start a citywide conversation about the meaning, regulation and instrumentality of public space. That conversation has manifested itself in events, articles and even promenade proposals. And it’s far from over. This week, urban planner and designer Douglas Woodward revisits this conversation by calling specific attention to the Rules of Conduct signs whose increasingly enumerated prohibitions demonstrate the ongoing challenges of balancing competing interests in the private provision of public goods.
urbanism  POPS  NewYork  Occupy 
4 weeks ago by phgslr
Wealth therapy tackles woes of the rich: 'It’s really isolating to have lots of money' | US news | The Guardian
It’s a rainy Wednesday morning and Clay Cockrell is sitting in his office at Columbus Circle across the street from 1 Central Park West, which houses Trump International Hotel and Tower. In…
Occupy  Wall  Street  Money  Income  Inequality 
5 weeks ago by danhon

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