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Plutocrats Against Democracy
American politicians don’t dare say outright that only the wealthy should have political rights — at least not yet. But if you follow the currents of thought now prevalent on the political right to their logical conclusion, that’s where you end up.
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6 days ago by mattkelly
Luntz Warns GOP on Occupy Wall Street, "Don't Say Capitalism" Because Americans "Think Capitalism Is Immoral" | ThinkProgress
“I’m so scared of this anti-Wall Street effort. I’m frightened to death. They’re having an impact on what the American people think of capitalism.”
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6 days ago by msszczep
The Profits-Investment Disconnect
[T]his kind of divergence — in which high profits don’t signal high returns to investment — is what you’d expect if a lot of those profits reflect monopoly power rather than returns on capital.
6 days ago by mattkelly
States Ease Interest Rate Laws That Protected Poor Borrowers
[M]aking personal loans to people on the financial margins can be a highly profitable business [...]
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9 days ago by mattkelly
MyWireless.org | Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA)
Urge your representatives to permanently extend the Internet tax moratorium:
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14 days ago by creatrixx
Walmart Workers Demand $15 Wage in Several Protests
By not paying their workers a living wage, the activists say, such businesses squeeze the very people they hope to sell to.

“I can’t afford anything,” said LaRanda Jackson, 20, who earns $8.75 an hour working on the sales floor at a Walmart in Cincinnati. “Sometimes I can’t afford soap, toothpaste, tissue. Sometimes I have to go without washing my clothes.”
occupy  minimum-wage 
14 days ago by mattkelly
Using Twitter to mobilize protest action: Online mobilization patterns and action repertoires in the Occupy Wall Street, Indignados, and Aganaktismenoi movements
Information, Communication & Society - Volume 18, Issue 2

"The extensive use of social media for protest purposes was a distinctive feature of the recent protest events in Spain, Greece, and the United States. Like the Occupy Wall Street protesters in the United States, the indignant activists of Spain and Greece protested against unjust, unequal, and corrupt political and economic institutions marked by the arrogance of those in power. Social media can potentially change or contribute to the political communication, mobilization, and organization of social movements. To what extent did these three movements use social media in such ways? To answer this question a comparative content analysis of tweets sent during the heydays of each of the campaigns is conducted. The results indicate that, although Twitter was used significantly for political discussion and to communicate protest information, calls for participation were not predominant. Only a very small minority of tweets referred to protest organization and coordination issues. Furthermore, comparing the actual content of the Twitter information exchanges reveals similarities as well as differences among the three movements, which can be explained by the different national contexts."
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14 days ago by macloo
Strike Debt
Strike Debt is a nationwide movement of debt resisters fighting for economic justice and democratic freedom.
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19 days ago by lmoon

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