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The sermon by James Mickens.pdf
Is pinching-and-dragging less elegant than circling-and-lightly-caressing?
Humour  programming  software  Technology  observation  satire 
13 days ago by amaah
Archaeology by W.H. Auden
From Archaeology
one moral, at least, may be drawn,
to wit, that all

our school text-books lie.
What they call History
is nothing to vaunt of,

being made, as it is,
by the criminal in us:
goodness is timeless.
poetry  archaeology  history  culture  observation  perception  memory  Literature  language 
23 days ago by amaah
Malfunctioning Sex Robot
Patricia Lockwood reviews ‘Novels, 1959-65’ by John Updike
review  appreciation  hatchetjob  humour  Literature  usa  culture  writing  observation  perception  gender 
6 weeks ago by amaah
1. 对什么是好的,是应该的总看法
2. 内在品质 - 善良,聪明,淳朴等- 是否与自己有共同的兴趣爱好和精神和追求
3. 陪伴是最长情的告白
observation  todo 
7 weeks ago by muyun_
Weirding Diary: 10
unraveling glamourous institutions
culture  observation  social  perception 
8 weeks ago by amaah
Ghanaians saw Mugabe as their 'in-law'
In Ghana, your in-law is your in-law, and deserves respect, no matter what happens.
Mugabe  History  Zimbabwe  Ghana  observation  mum 
9 weeks ago by amaah

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