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php - How do I convert an object to an array? - Stack Overflow
I use this approach to convert an array of PHP objects to an array of associative arrays. You need to do this in Laravel 5 when you query database rows not using an Eloquent Model facade but the DB facade.
stackoverflow  php  howto  example  guide  reference  convert  array  objects  associative  arrays  laravel  laravel5  model  object 
8 days ago by racl101
Future Remains Presents a History of the Anthropocene in Objects
In the fall of 2014, an unusual event took place at the University of Wisconsin–Madison that would set the stage for the book Future Remains: A Cabinet of Curiosities for the Anthropocene. Artists and anthropologists, historians and geographers, literary scholars and biologists from around the world gathered in the playful, performative space of an “Anthropocene Slam” to shape a cabinet of curiosities for this new age of humans.
anthropocene  collections  things  objects  cabinets 
19 days ago by shannon_mattern
javascript - LoDash: Get an array of values from an array of object properties - Stack Overflow
Does the job that Laravel's Collection pluck method does for a key in an array of associative arrays.
stackoverflow  howto  get  array  of  properties  property  values  from  objects  pluck  lodash  _.map  map  example  guide  reference  javascript 
21 days ago by racl101
Should Artists Shop or Stop Shopping?
Sheila Heti: "“As soon as you buy something, you lose the power to buy something,” says the narrator in her video. Does this mean you lose the power to buy something because you’ve spent the money you’d need in order to buy the next thing? As soon as you buy something, you lose the power to buy something. I think the statement is more philosophical than that: as soon as you have the thing, you have lost the power to buy the thing. You cannot buy what you already have. It is the power to buy it that feels intoxicating. The thing—arriving as it does in the mail—is no longer (once you hold it in your hands) throbbing with your power to buy it, like you were throbbing when you added it to your cart. It is now inert with being owned."
2018_mixbook_contender  objects  capitalism  art_commentary 
27 days ago by jbushnell
Destructuring and Function Arguments
In essence this demonstrates the concept of using curly braces syntax to assign a given object's properties to variable without explicitly using var or let statements. Furthermore, to use this syntax in function calls.


// A sample object
const myObject = { x: 1, y: 2 };

// Destructuring
const { x, y } = myObject;
// x is 1, y is 2
blog  tutorial  davidwalsh  javascript  es6  es2015  destructuring  function  arguments  objects  babel  properties  toread  tolearn  tounderstand 
5 weeks ago by racl101
Life of Objects: An Interview with Mary Mattingly - Art in America
I’ve been bundling my possessions into these boulder-like forms. Composed of computers, photographs, books and clothing, the sculptures are extremely heavy and cumbersome, which makes moving them arduous and Sisyphean.
nonhuman  objects  consumersociety  materiality  trash  hoarding  art 
7 weeks ago by rachaelsullivan

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