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Mod The Sims - -Old Tire Swing- Swing for BaseGame, and a (BV) Treehouse!
This tire swing was made from an old tire off a (real maxis) car, and strung up by a rope to a tree branch (tire, rope, and branch all included!). This swing is separate from the tree so you can have any tree you want with a swing! There is a branch included so your rope doesn't have to hang from nothing if the tree doesn't have a convenient enough branch. The mesh has no branches (ok, invisible), and the two recolors are the left and right branches. I could have done just one, but then if you swing ends up not facing the way you want it to, what then? The branches can be recolored to match any tree you want it to, and by leaving parts of the .png transparent, you can lengthen or shorten the branches. This is truly a universal tire swing. The picture below shows many of the larger Maxis trees with a swing strung up. These were all done with the three branches that I've already given you. With a bit of careful 'boolprop snapobjectstogrid false' the trees can be moved to intersect exactly with the branch. I hope this will come in handy for storytellers (let everyone know where you got it if you do use it in a story!)
sims2  objects  tobegot 
5 days ago by timberwolfoz
Dollar Street
Families around the world sorted by income with all their properties.
tedtalks  rich  poor  living  photography  objects  property 
15 days ago by kogakure
Free 3D Models – Where to Go and How to Get Them | | MyStemKits
List of sites for objects which can be 3D printed. The MySTEM Kits are a commercial company selling curriculum, but this blog posts links to some free resources.
free  3d  objects  3dprinting 
22 days ago by amann
Chaekgeori - Wikipedia
Chaekgeori (Hangul: 책거리; Hanja: 冊巨里), translated as "books and things", is a genre of still-life painting from the Joseon period of Korea that features books as the dominant subject.
art  illustration  history  korea  objects 
24 days ago by lach
JavaScript Object Explorer
Find the object method you need without digging through the docs
javascript  objects  tools  methods  documentation 
6 weeks ago by spaceninja

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