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Oil in the Family | Vanity Fair
In 1935 oil tycoon H. L. Hunt, known as the richest man in America, created what would become a multi-billion-dollar trust for his descendants. Three generations later, a lawsuit by his free-spending great-grandson is shaking the foundations of that mighty family fortune.
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3 days ago by ghardin
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6 days ago by macsong
⁶Revisiting Data Science with Thomas Nield – Talking Kotlin
We catch up with Thomas Nield to discuss what's been going with Kotlin in relation to Data Science and Machine Learning. Thomas gives us an update on the work he's been focusing on and some of the new things happening.
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9 days ago by caritos
Why learn Smalltalk? | Lobsters
"To quite some extent I think the space between ObjC and Smalltalk-likes is occupied by Ruby. More Smalltalk-like than ObjC, easier C (or really, host platform code in general) FFI than a Smalltalk."
Vaelatern: "It really is, but Ruby has a bad rap these days, no advantage Python doesn’t in the realm of writing usable code, and an unfortunate load average and dependency story."

Also note the shoutouts to Newspeak(newsqueak?), Self, and Strongtalk in the thread: "find the space left out of these and between ObjC"
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12 days ago by mechazoidal
Is Reaction Commerce Right for Your Next Ecommerce Project? | Project Ricochet
In this feature Casey and Dan work with Reaction Commerce, to determine when it is the right fit for an Ecommerce Project!
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14 days ago by caritos
Freelancers - Snipcart
See how Snipcart can get you hired on e-commerce projects with competitive bids & deadlines, and make you money in the process.
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15 days ago by caritos
Technical E-Commerce Consulting | Reaction Commerce, Workarea, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce | out:grow
out:grow provides consulting services to internet retailers and web agencies, offering pre-project feasibility studies, architectural engineering, technical mid-project consulting, code reviews and performance audits.
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15 days ago by caritos

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