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iwasrobbed/Objective-C-CheatSheet: A quick reference cheat sheet for common, high level topics in Objective-C.
A quick reference cheat sheet for common, high level topics in Objective-C. - iwasrobbed/Objective-C-CheatSheet
objective-c  cheatsheet  ios  objc 
5 days ago by acrookston
Swizzling in Swift | Inside PSPDFKit
Is this considered senior or expert level of knowledge? Witchcraft maybe.
swizzling  advanced  objc  swift 
5 weeks ago by aleck
When to use -retainCount?
Funny reference explaining the futility of using -retainCount.
objc  ios  osx  macos 
april 2019 by nolanw
Swift 5 Frozen enums
Regular articles about iOS development. What you need to know about Xcode, Objective-C, Swift, Auto Layout, WWDC and more.
xcode  swift  objc  enum 
april 2019 by acrookston
nakiostudio/xcov: Nice code coverage reporting without hassle
Nice code coverage reporting without hassle. Contribute to nakiostudio/xcov development by creating an account on GitHub.
xcode  testing  objectivec  objc  swift  tdd 
april 2019 by acrookston

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