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Gene that lets you eat as much as you want holds promise against obesity
It sounds too good to be true, but a novel approach that might allow you to eat as much as you want without gaining weight could be a reality in the near future. When a single gene known as RCAN1 was removed in mice and they were fed a high fat diet, they failed to gain weight, even after gorging on high fat foods for prolonged periods.
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4 days ago by emkay
Study in mice suggests drug to turn fat 'brown' could help fight obesity
To carry out their research, the team used mice that had been bred to produce higher levels of the protein in adipose tissue. As anticipated, they found that increasing BMP8b levels changed some of the white fat into brown fat, a process known as beiging and thus increased the amount of energy burnt by the tissue.
science  medicine  obesity 
13 days ago by emkay
Immigrants arrive with flourishing gut microbes. Then America’s diet trashes them. - The Washington Post
In the United States, immigrants in the study ate foods richer in sugars, fats and protein. Microbiomes changed within months of moving. “People began to lose their native microbes almost immediately after arriving in the U.S.," Knights said. “The loss of diversity was quite pronounced: Just coming to the USA, just living in the USA, was associated with a loss of about 15 percent of microbiome diversity.”

Obesity rates among many of the study immigrants increased sixfold. Those who became obese also lost an additional 10 percent of their diversity. “And the children of immigrants,” Knights said, “had yet again another 5 to 10 percent loss.”
microbiome  health  obesity  immigration 
4 weeks ago by craniac
Taxing red meat would save many lives, research shows | Environment | The Guardian
Processed meat would need to be taxed at 166% in Germany to recover most of the healthcare costs of eating it there - Taxing red meat would save many lives and raise billions to pay for healthcare, according to new research. It found the cost of processed meat such as bacon and sausages would double if the harm they cause to people’s health was taken into account. - The World Health Organization declared processed red meat to be a carcinogen in 2015, and unprocessed red meat such as steaks and chops to be a probable carcinogen. &! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-46122227
meat  tax  prevention  Cancer  WHO  carcinogen  obesity  CVD  NHS  diabetes 
4 weeks ago by asterisk2a
Food apartheid: the root of the problem with America's groceries | Society | The Guardian
Great background on "food apartheid," which denotes the food/pharma/healthcare system that keeps blacks poor, ignorant, overweight and unhealthy
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4 weeks ago by csrollyson
Obese mice lose a third of their fat using a natural protein
The treatments also reduced a number of obesity-related disorders in the mice, such as hyperglycemia -- excess blood sugar that is often linked to diabetes -- and eliminated the fat in their once fatty livers. Clinical as well as microscopic examination of the mice showed no side effects, researchers say.
science  medicine  obesity 
5 weeks ago by emkay
Microglia Play an Active Role in Obesity-Associated Cognitive Decline | Journal of Neuroscience
> Obesity affects >600 million people worldwide, a staggering number that appears to be on the rise. One of the lesser known consequences of obesity is its deleterious effects on cognition, which have been well documented across many cognitive domains and age groups. To investigate the cellular mechanisms that underlie obesity-associated cognitive decline, we used diet-induced obesity in male mice and found memory impairments along with reductions in dendritic spines, sites of excitatory synapses, increases in the activation of microglia, the brain's resident immune cells, and increases in synaptic profiles within microglia, in the hippocampus, a brain region linked to cognition. We found that partial knockdown of the receptor for fractalkine, a chemokine that can serve as a "find me" cue for microglia, prevented microglial activation and cognitive decline induced by obesity.
microglia  obesity  cognition 
8 weeks ago by porejide

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