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Dating apps didn’t cause the STI crisis – it was cavalier Tory cuts | Nichi Hodgson | Opinion | The Guardian
Every £1 on prevention and treatment saves the NHS £11, yet sexual health centres are closing due to a lack of funding
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Theresa May faces dilemma over NHS cash boost, says IFS | Business | The Guardian
PM will have to either raise taxes, slash public spending or break her own spending rules - “The government is in a bind,” the IFS said. “It is extremely doubtful that large additional cuts to spending on other public services are either feasible politically or consistent with maintaining quality.

“So unless it is able and willing to implement tax rises or further cuts to the social security budget over the rest of this parliament it is hard to see how a significant injection of additional cash into the NHS would be consistent with the government’s stated fiscal objective.”
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The miller’s tale: poverty, obesity and the 45p loaf | Society | The Guardian
This inequality gap has grown much bigger in the past decade. Obesity is a disease of poverty, much as cholera was in the 19th century. It does not exclusively affect the poor, and rates are going up across the board, but those who live in deprived areas have far less chance of escaping it – or the catalogue of diseases that come with it, from cancer to diabetes.

Researchers studying this “social gradient in overweight” across different countries see a pattern emerging. Obesity is a form of malnutrition, they argue, and the greater the structural inequality within a society, the more that people living under financial and social constraints lack the opportunities for an active, healthy life.
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Tax rises needed 'to prevent NHS misery' - BBC News
Small NHS funding rise would be 'disastrous'
Health committee chair Sarah Wollaston says a funding increase of 3% will "not be high enough" to protect the NHS in the future.

She was speaking after a warning from two think tanks that spending is going to have to rise very substantially on the NHS and that extra tax could be the only way to pay for it.
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Make junk food expensive, and children will go hungry | Phil McDuff | Opinion | The Guardian
We shy away from policies that would address these broader structural issues because we have become more terrified of the negative outcomes of government interference in markets than of the negative outcomes of government inaction. We run scared from policies that would increase wages and leisure time, because “the economy” might suffer – as if it were an angry volcano god to be placated with human sacrifice. We have “reformed” the welfare state into tatters because we think it’s more important that absolutely nobody gets a penny more than they “deserve” than it is to ensure that everyone has the capacity to eat and live well. And while the Tories are all over the idea that reducing tax will leave people with more money in their pocket, they often seem blind to the fact that for people with low incomes their rent and bills eat up a much bigger proportion of their wages than tax.

What’s left for policymakers? Mucking about on the edges, pilot schemes and programmes to nudge or price people into healthier choices. None are going to work unless we alter the structure of society and make these choices accessible. It’s time to stop trying to fix the symptoms of an unhealthy society – and start treating the causes.
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