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Sugar industry withheld research effects of sucrose 50 years ago, study claims | Science | The Guardian
See the Vegan Cardiologist Kim Williams arguing that it is fats meat beef and processed starches food sugar - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4TMsRKOe8Q // and the problem w evidence-based medicine and statistics and research manipulation // and see the new guidelines when to prescribe statins (now earlier) re chronic sick population v side effects v benefits // The problem could be much bigger than the two ISRF studies the researchers have scrutinised. The researchers conclude that the debates we now have on sugar’s effects on our health are potentially rooted in six decades of the sugar industry’s manipulation of scientific evidence.
CVD  Cancer  obesity  diabetes  overweight  Sugar  Tax  taxation  meat  public  health  lobby  vested  interest  revolving  door  conflict  microbiome  Stroke  Statins  Statin  S.A.D.  processed  food  food–industrial  diet  lifestyle  sedentary  inactive  WHO  prevention  whole-food  plant-based  Fat  Salt  book  NHS  sickcare  healthcare  demand  chronic  sick  population  GP 
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Finance trumps patients at every level – UK healthcare needs an inquiry | Aseem Malhotra | Healthcare Professionals Network | The Guardian
tl;dr Diet & Lifestyle changes of the nation in the short-, medium- and long-term term can help (substantially) save the NHS. // A full public inquiry on the scale of Chilcot into the Iraq war may ultimately be required to overhaul a system where at every level financial interest continues to trump what’s best for patients – not only to improve the quality of care, but to restore trust in medical research. Until then, NHS England, the BMA and the Department of Health must make it a national priority to emphasise to patients that less medicine and healthier lifestyles are the most important solutions to sustaining the NHS. // statistics use in medical research and patient selection and reporting issue. absolute risk v % of all patients. // Such statistical and health illiteracy, far from being the exception, is actually the norm. The majority of healthcare professionals seem unable to understand medical literature. One study revealed 70% of those on a training programme failed a simple test on their understanding of evidence-based medicine.
NHS  crisis  big  pharma  BMA  pharmaceutical  lobby  vested  interest  profit  maximisation  rationing  treatment  delay  waiting  times  GP  A&E  prevention  public  health  sickcare  healthcare  demand  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  obesity  diabetes  economic  damage  OECD  S.A.D.  diet  western  lifestyle  sedentary  inactive  revolving  door  conflict  research  Statins  Statin  CVD  Cancer  overweight  disabled  medical  statistics  risk  patient  safety  literacy 
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My5 - Episode - Benefits and Bypasses: Billion Pound Patients S1 E1
25bn a year. diet lifestyle - smoking tobacco alcohl food - obesity cvd diabetes amputations complications medication - liver disease
NHS  Austerity  sickcare  demand  chronic  sick  population  obesity  CVD  Cancer  tobacco  alcohol  alcoholism  diet  lifestyle  public  health  prevention  self-medication  coping  maladaptive  mechanism  poverty  education  CEP  STP  CCG  rationing  elective  care  surgery  premature  ageing  demographic  bubble  food  S.A.D.  western  mental 
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Interview with Charles Teague, CEO of Lose It! | Huffington Post | November 13, 2017
Charles Teague’s purpose was not to help solve the problem of obesity. Teague’s story is as ordinary as yours. According to VentureFizz, Teague graduated from Macalester College in 1995 with a degree in Political Science, and he told the outlet, “I got out and said to myself, What do I do now? What am I going to do for a living?’”
macnews  Classof1995  obesity  piper 
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Sugar is a toxic agent that creates conditions for disease | Aeon Essays
A potent toxin that alters hormones and metabolism, sugar sets the stage for epidemic levels of obesity and diabetes
health  research  sugar  obesity  diabetes 
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Study shows dementia is biggest killer in affluent areas - BBC News
Dementia and Alzheimer's disease is the leading cause of death in affluent areas in Wales, new figures have shown. [ statistical fluke attributed to longer lifes and better med patient adherens eg statins and reduce alcohol intake - poorer may die earlier - cancer cvd]
dementia  Alzheimer  public  health  sickcare  healthcare  demand  chronic  sick  population  premature  ageing  demographic  bubble  CVD  Cancer  diabetes  obesity  overweight  NHS  Council  adult  social  elderly  care  disabled 
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NHS Scotland plots urgent measures to support practices at 'tipping point' | News Article | Pulse Today
Dr McDevitt had earlier told delegates that ‘you’re not going to vote for this contract because it becomes with a pay rise’.

Among the detail announced so far includes a wider healthcare team taking over some jobs traditionally done by the GP, including some chronic disease management, routine checks, and drug monitoring.

GPs will have access to NHS-run services including prescribing and treatment room services to reduce their workload.
NHS  Scotland  GP  Crisis  sickcare  healthcare  demand  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  ageing  CVD  diabetes  Cancer  obesity  overweight  A&E 
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Nursing Clio The Cultural Logic of Calories and Body Types
The Meritocracy of Thinness

By promising that anyone can be thin if they simply eat less than they burn, energy balance makes body size into a meritocracy and thinness into sign of knowledge and virtue. In periods of high inequality, this ideology appeals to people in search of ways to distinguish themselves. During the Great Compression in inequality, Americans turned instead to an ideology that would naturalize and justify inborn differences. If calories ever actually make it onto menus nationwide, we will have the return of Gilded Age rates of inequality to thank.
body-shape  body-image  obesity 
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