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GoFundMe CEO: ‘Gigantic Gaps’ In Health System Showing Up In Crowdfunding | Kaiser Health News
Fundraising for medical expenses leads this crowdfunding website and, according to its chief executive, highlights a deep national need to address the high costs of health care.
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14 days ago by xer0x
Obamacare Reform -- Health Care's New Obamacare | National Review
But a red state might see things completely differently. In its view, there is no excuse whatsoever for forcing people to buy a product they don’t want, or for stopping willing buyers and willing sellers from exchanging low-cost health insurance. If we don’t like the results of this free-market process, we should supplement it at taxpayer expense rather than put the burden on the young and healthy via mandates and inflated premiums. Toward that end, Obamacare can take care of the subsidized population and serve as a fallback plan for wealthier people with preexisting conditions; everyone else can buy a plan elsewhere that better suits his needs. Sure, this means that Obamacare will lose some of its healthy enrollees, that premiums will go up a bit in response, and that some people will go without insurance entirely. But that’s an acceptable trade-off. It’s a free country, for crying out loud.
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21 days ago by HispanicPundit
Health Care and Insurance Industries Mobilize to Kill ‘Medicare for All’ - The New York Times
“We are trying to understand what will be coming at us,” Mr. Trautwein said. “Proposals on the left and the right, in Congress and on the campaign trail, could blow up the employer-based health care system that has worked pretty well for more than 60 years.”
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29 days ago by Marcellus
It's Inhumane Not to Want Someone to Have Healthcare
Sometimes we need to name cruelty plainly, to say it unequivocally, to not dance around it for the sake of decorum:
It’s asinine not to want someone else to have healthcare.
Worse than that, it’s inhumane.
Every single day, I am left in awe of the cruelty we have become afflicted with in this country. When people fight to take life-saving care away from another human being, when they applaud the exclusion of already sick people from coverage, when they rejoice over strangers being denied screenings or medication or surgery, I feel compelled to ask them:
What is wrong with your heart?
How did you make it this far in life without acquiring basic empathy?
If you’re a professed Christian, what is your understanding of your faith tradition, that you would place yourself opposite the side of healing wounds?
This isn’t a political or a financial issue after all, it’s a philosophical and an ethical one. It has nothing to do with funding (because every other developed nation seems to have figured it out), it’s about whether or not you give enough of a damn about another human being, not to place barriers between them and staying healthy or staying alive. This is a pass-fail test of simple decency.
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7 weeks ago by rgl7194

Administration Proposes Higher Premiums
“Today’s proposed rule deliberately and nee…
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9 weeks ago by andriak
Republicans Killed Much Of Obamacare Without Repealing It | FiveThirtyEight
Saturday was the deadline for Americans in most states to enroll in health plans for 2019 through the marketplaces set up by the Affordable Care Act. When Barack Obama was in office, the federal government, including the president himself, spent the days and weeks before the deadline constantly urging people to sign up. But this year, like in 2017, President Trump and the federal government did little outreach.
That hands-off approach to ACA enrollment isn’t an accident or an oversight. It’s part of an intense, sustained, nearly nine-year-long Republican campaign to stop or limit the implementation of the ACA, better known as Obamacare. (A group of Republicans filed a lawsuit against the ACA minutes after President Obama signed it into law on March 23, 2010.)
“Virtually no major health reform has become the subject of a partisan assault so quickly after its passage,” said Philip Rocco, a Marquette University political science professor and co-author of the 2016 book “Obamacare Wars.”
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12 weeks ago by rgl7194
The Trump administration unveils a stealth attack on people with preexisting conditions - Los Angeles Times
Trump administration officials apparently are prepared to go to their graves insisting that they did everything possible to protect Americans with preexisting medical conditions, even as they pull out the stops to undermine those protections.
The latest example of this subterfuge came in late October, when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, known as CMS, issued new rules for states contemplating alterations in the Affordable Care Act.
The administration followed up a few weeks ago with further guidelines. “This administration remains firmly committed to maintaining protections for all Americans with preexisting conditions,” that document says. The “concepts presented here do not open any flexibility for states to undermine these protections.”
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december 2018 by rgl7194
RT : Coming to the Supreme Court? On Friday, a judge ruled the individual mandate of (ACA), is unconst…
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december 2018 by LibrariesVal
Federal judge in Texas strikes down ObamaCare | TheHill
The judge ruled that the law's individual mandate is unconstitutional, and that because the mandate cannot be separated from the rest of the law, the rest of the law is also invalid.
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december 2018 by WFreeland
The did leave me broke but still alive, covering portions of my 35+ year pre-existing conditions. H…
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december 2018 by kohlmannj

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