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RT : Remember when was fined 4 illegal campaign donations totaling a cool $375,000? Neither do I. Lawlessness is…
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The Victory Lab: Amazon.co.uk: Sasha Issenberg: 9780307954800: Books
The Victory Lab follows the academics and maverick operatives rocking the war room and re-engineering a high-stakes industry previously run on little more than gut instinct and outdated assumptions. Armed with research from behavioural psychology and randomized experiments that treat voters as unwitting guinea pigs, the smartest campaigns now believe they know who you will vote for even before you do. Issenberg tracks these fascinating techniques--which include cutting edge persuasion experiments, innovative ways to mobilize voters, heavily researched electioneering methods--and shows how our most important figures, such as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, are putting them to use with surprising skill and alacrity.
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Michelle Obama: 'I still have imposter syndrome' - BBC News
The former US first lady also recalls the Queen telling her that royal protocol was "rubbish".
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As the Trump administration continues to face widespread backlash over its use of tear gas against Central American asylum seekers at the southern border on Sunday, data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency has shone a light on just how common the use of tear gas and pepper spray at the border really is.

In a statement sent to Newsweek on Tuesday, the CBP said its personnel have been using tear gas, or 2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile (CS), since 2010, deploying the substance a total of 126 times since fiscal year 2012.

Under President Donald Trump, CBP's use of the substance has hit a seven-year record high, with the agency deploying the substance a total of 29 times in fiscal year 2018, which ended on September 30, 2018, according to the agency's data.
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