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Tira de Santa Catarina Ixtepeji resumen UNAM
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Claro Serves a Smooth and Stunning Mole - Eater NY
Mole needs a better stage in the Big Apple. While my West Coast colleagues have found that there are virtually no bad versions of the dish in Los Angeles, the same cannot be said for New York, where it’s not uncommon to encounter mole as a one-note sauce — sugary slop atop enchiladas.

There are exceptions. One of them is the Oaxaca-inspired Claro in Gowanus. The restaurant, awarded three stars by my colleague Robert Sietsema in January, serves a serious red mole.

“We have to stop referring to mole as a sauce. We have sauce, but mole is the dish,” famed chef Patricia Quintana said of the quintessential Mexican foodstuff, a preparation that harkens to the time of the Aztecs. The Southwestern state of Oaxaca in particular is home to countless varieties; they’re laboriously forged from chiles, spices, and tomatoes, thickened with seeds and nuts, and cooked in cazuelas until they take on the color of sun baked bricks or roadside tar. Moles often employ stewed turkey or other affordable proteins in supporting roles, but really, the star is the dark, aromatic gravy.
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