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OAuth 2 Simplified • Aaron Parecki
This is a nice and simple summary and simplification of OAuth 2.0 stuffs.
OAuth2.0  Explainer  Simplification  Summary 
february 2018 by rod
Azure Workflows cannot call O365 APIs - ACS Blogs
For O365, there is a special STS validation layer that barfs on the Azure AD access token (Error is "JsonWebToken.Issuer != clientId@realm"). If you pass the token in anything but the "Authorization" header it will pass right through, but it will not pass through in the "Authorization" header.

Therefore, the only avenue you have is to use "Basic" auth when making the calls.
Oauth2.0  Workflow  Issue 
october 2017 by dremillard
Calling Microsoft Graph api from SharePoint Designer Workflow - Microsoft Community
This is a post that I commented on. Very similar to issue I have with calling Graph API from SPD2013
Oauth2.0  Graph  API 
october 2017 by dremillard
Which OAuth 2.0 flow should I use?
This is a decision article explaining which OAuth2.0 flow should be used for various situations.
OAuth  OAuth2.0  Flow  OIDC 
october 2017 by rod
Server-Side Apps - OAuth 2.0 Servers
Nice format for much of the same info.
june 2017 by dremillard
Obtaining an Access Token
The parameters for the token request
are URL-encoded and passed in the HTTP request body.
Oauth2.0  Token 
may 2017 by dremillard
sharepoint designer 2013 sign a token with a certificate - Google Search
Query that returned a lot of good results about signing a token with a 509 cert.
API  Oauth2.0 
may 2017 by dremillard

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