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simov/grant: OAuth Middleware for Express, Koa and Hapi
OAuth Middleware for Express, Koa and Hapi. Contribute to simov/grant development by creating an account on GitHub.
oauth  node.js 
2 days ago by njr11
You need an oAuth token to get into this building
api  oauth  from twitter
5 days ago by nigeljames
Diagrams of All The OpenID Connect Flows
OpenID Connect or OIDC is a specification meant to extend OAuth 2 and provide for authentication services. This blog post includes diagrams and additional details for each of the flows defined in the specification.
OAuth  OIDC 
12 days ago by alderlocke
Diagrams And Movies Of All The OAuth 2.0 Flows
Diagrams and movies of all the 4 authorization flows defined in RFC 6749 (The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework) and one more flow to re-issue an access token using a refresh token.
12 days ago by alderlocke
Login con Google usando Socialite,en Laravel 5.3 – Oscar Ricardo Sánche Gutierréz – Medium
También necesitamos cargar las credenciales para los servicios OAUTH estas se deben ingresar en config/services.php, y usaran key del provedor que usaremos. Las variables las traerá desde el archivo…
oauth  laravel 
15 days ago by enkido

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