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Microsoft Azure, Office 365 users hit by multi-factor authentication issue | ZDNet
A number of Microsoft Azure and Office 365 users have been unable to get into their accounts for most of the day on November 19. The problem: A multi-factor authentication issue which hit users worldwide and left them unable to sign into their servi…
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24 days ago by evansthompson
complaining that I have too many meeting. Thank you for noticing!
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8 weeks ago by geertbaeke.info
Error "Unable to reach destination server." for Office 365 query user profile using connection manager - Nintex Knowledge Base
Talks about set-spotenant command to fix an issue with connection manager. Wondering if this would help.
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9 weeks ago by dremillard
Nintex Workflow Migration from on premise to Of... | Nintex Community
Excellent article with good references and great practical tone.
Nintex  Workflow  O365 
10 weeks ago by dremillard

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