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Feeling left out of the gasket-mount trend? No longer! Better living through o-rings and neoprene sheeting. : MechanicalKeyboards
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5 weeks ago by nharbour
Who Discovered Why The Challenger Exploded?
Everyone knows Richard Feynman’s famous televised demonstration that the Challenger had exploded because its O-rings got stiff when they were cold -- but it wasn’t Feynman’s discovery. It was Sally Ride’s.'

(via Tony Finch)
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march 2017 by jm
O-Rings for ISO 6149 Metric Tube Fittings (Parker designations)
M8x1 (0024-0063)
M10x1 (0031-9063)
M12x1.5 (0036-6087)
M14x1.5 (0044-5087)
M16x1.5 (0052-4087)
M18x1.5 (0060-2087)
M22x1.5 (0076-0087)
M27x2 (0092-9114)
M33x2 (0116-5114)
M42x2 (0152-0114)
M48x2 (0175-6114)
M60x2 (0222-8114)
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february 2017 by magnusc
* Barnwell-O-Rings
Includes Imperial BS1806 and Metric BS4518. Also general metric in thicknesses from 1 mm.
See p 30 - 31 for groove recommendations covering all cross sections.
See p5 for materials temperature ranges chart.
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december 2016 by magnusc
Attempting and Modifying the Kinesis Advantage - Grand Rounds Engineering
On the addition of o-rings to one’s Kinesis keyboard:
"The keys on the sides of my pinkies were no longer such a chore to press, and actually felt quite comfortable (kind of like Apple chiclet keys). I tried it with and without o-rings, and with the Rosewill key caps with and without o-rings. At this point I felt very little difference between the kinds of key caps, but a huge difference because of the o-rings. Those are definitely the best $2.00 investment I’ve done in a while and now I actually prefer using these keys to the other mechanical keyboards mentioned earlier."
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november 2015 by handcoding
Spliced and Vulcanized O-Rings
Handy pictorial guide to the differences between splicing and molding, etc.
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november 2014 by atomicules
Encapsulated O Rings - Barnwell
Rubber / FKM o-rings with a fluoropolymer jacket
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april 2014 by magnusc
QuadRings (X-rings)
Normally can be direct-fit replacement for o-rings
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september 2013 by magnusc
* O-rings incl BS4518
Metric o-rings incl BS4518. Includes tolerances for thickness and diameter.
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september 2009 by magnusc
O-Rings and Seals.pdf (application/pdf Object)
O-rings for hydraulic sealing applications, including ISO 6149 ports
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june 2008 by magnusc

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