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Kinkfest! - Late May 12th Fic: Talk to Me, Xander/Spike, FRAO
It had to be the voice.
That was all that Xander could come up with to explain his sudden attraction to Spike.
Buffy  spike/xander  first.time  nyxreaper  season4  post-episode  basement  Buffyverse 
june 2009 by southerly
Kinkfest! - Late May 12th Fic: Dinner for Two, John/Matt, FRT
Prompt: Matt is stood up on a blind date. John comes to the 'rescue' & saves the day
john/matt  first.time  nyxreaper  date  post-canon  DieHard 
november 2008 by southerly
Kinkfest! - May 5th Fic: Don't Call Me At Work, John/Matt, FRAO
Prompt: John on a stakeout or at the station house, Matt cranking him up via cell phone
John/Matt  nyxreaper  established  phone.sex  kink  post-canon  DieHard 
may 2008 by southerly

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basement  buffy  buffyverse  car!sex  date  diehard  established  first.time  house/wilson  house  john/matt  kink  phone.sex  post-canon  post-episode  season4  sex.in.a.public.location  spike/xander 

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