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Why You Start Things You’ll Never Finish - The New York Times
On any given day I have a dozen projects or stories in various states of completion that I’m working (you know, “working”) on.
Of those, maybe I’ll finish two or three this week, come back to another two or three, put a few on the back burner for later and probably let the rest fade into oblivion. It’s not that I don’t believe in those ideas — the opposite, really, I want to do them all! — it’s just that life gets in the way, and we have only so many hours in the day. And I’m guessing this all sounds pretty familiar.
So why is that?
It’s a lot of things, but the factor that has the biggest impact is also the factor that is most under our control: The very decision to start something in the first place.
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Some Words Defy Translation. Angela Merkel Showed Why. - The New York Times
German Chancellor Angela Merkel deployed a word English speakers might use to describe chaos or outrage during a speech at a technology conference.
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The ‘Neo-Banks’ Are Finally Having Their Moment - The New York Times
SAN FRANCISCO — After the financial crisis 10 years ago, unhappy customers were expected to flee the megabanks for smaller competitors.
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2 days ago by GameGamer43
In Philadelphia, a Progressive D.A. Tests the Power — and Learns the Limits — of His Office - The New York Times
The opposite of overprosecution, the DA in Philadelphia was elected on a platform of liberal reform and is attempting to do just that.
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2 days ago by mcherm
‘Transgender’ Could Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration - The New York Times
Donald Trump working hard to make it legal to discriminate against transgender people, in some cases mandatory to discriminate.
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2 days ago by mcherm
The Best Movies of 2018
MANOHLA DARGIS:1. ‘Roma’ (Alfonso Cuarón) 2. ‘Burning’ (Lee Chang-dong)3. ‘Shoplifters’ (Hirokazu Kore-eda)4. ‘Zama’ (Lucrecia Martel)5. ‘Happy as Lazzaro’ (Alice Rohrwacher)6. ‘BlacKkKlansman’ (Spike Lee)7. ‘First Reformed’ (Paul Schrader)8. ‘The Death of Stalin’ (Armando Iannucci)9. ‘Monrovia, Indiana’ (Frederick Wiseman)10. ‘Colophon (for the Arboretum Cycle)’ (Nathaniel Dorsky)A.O. SCOTT:1. ‘Monrovia, Indiana’ (Frederick Wiseman); ‘Bisbee ’17’ (Robert Greene); ‘Hale County This Morning, This Evening’ (RaMell Ross); ‘Minding the Gap’ (Bing Liu)At a time when we tend to see ourselves and our fellow citizens as sociological stereotypes and ideological clichés, these highly personal films suggest that a different way of telling the American story — the crazy multiplicity of American stories — may still be possible.2. ‘Happy as Lazzaro’ (Alice Rohrwacher)3. ‘First Reformed’ (Paul Schrader)4. ‘Private Life’ (Tamara Jenkins)5. ‘Roma’ (Alfonso Cuarón)6. ‘Let the Sunshine In’ (Claire Denis)7. ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ (Marielle Heller)8. ‘BlacKkKlansman’ (Spike Lee)9. ‘Capernaum’ (Nadine Labaki)10. ‘The Favourite’ (Yorgos Lanthimos)
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3 days ago by thomas.kochi
The 10 Best Books of 2018
Asymmetry By Lisa Halliday;The Great Believers By Rebecca Makkai;The Perfect Nanny By Leila Slimani ;There There By Tommy range;Washington Black By Esi Edugyan; American Prison By Shane Bauer ;Educated By Tara Westover ;Frederick Douglass By David W. Blight ;How to Change Your Mind By Michael Pollan ;Small Fry
By Lisa Brennan-Jobs Brennan-Jobs grew up shuttling between two starkly different worlds: the bohemian, peripatetic world of her mother, an unstable and impoverished artist, and the luxurious world of her cruel and increasingly wealthy father, Steve Jobs. She provides indelible portraits of both parents, recreating the fraught landscape of her childhood in Palo Alto through the careful accretion of exquisitely granular detail. Her memoir is a work of uncanny intimacy, the debut of a singular literary sensibility. Ultimately, though, it is her portrayal of Jobs as a man prone to mind-boggling acts of emotional negligence and abuse that gives this book its overlay of devastation.
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3 days ago by thomas.kochi
How the Cashless Economy Shuts Out the Poor - The New York Times
“There are various arguments to be made against cashless businesses — the inconvenience falling to people too scattered to leave the house with a wallet being merely one of them. The strongest objection relates to the ways in which rejecting physical currency plays out as a bias toward the poor, advancing segregation in retail environments.

“According to government data, close to 7 percent of American households have no one in them with a checking or savings account, while an additional 19 percent are considered ‘underbanked,’ meaning that they rely on products or services outside the conventional financial system. These include money orders and payday and pawnshop loans. The majority of people who fall into these categories are nonwhite.”
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