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"Interview: Kate Zambreno Talks 'Screen Tests' And Pregnancy," NYLON
"For me, having a child and falling in love with a child made me reckon with mortality in a way that I hadn't before, and I think that really changed me. I think that sense of acquiescence is there in the new work and also the recognition of how small my work is. I think that's why it's gotten smaller, because it's not more important to me than life—it may have been before, but now life is more important to me and writing happens in the margins. There's a beauty to that."
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8 weeks ago by briansholis
Nylon Says Please Stop Sharing Those Hilarious Alien Cartoons—the Artist Is Pro-Life - Hit & Run : Reason.com
I have complained many times previously about the pernicious tendency in certain hyper-woke circles to gang up on anybody who expresses the slightest dissent from leftist orthodoxy. Here, I'll simply close by noting that Pyle's alleged pro-life views are not exactly a fringe position.
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april 2019 by cbearden
Cooking Sous Vide: Plastic Safety - Nom Nom Paleo®
I was able to confirm, for example, that Jarden’s FoodSaver bags are made from polyethylene glycol and nylon, and don’t contain BPA, phthalates, or other plasticizers with EA-leaching additives.
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january 2019 by nununo
NylonG - Glass Fiber Reinforced Filament | MatterHackers
NylonG is glass-fiber infused 3D printing filament that has excellent impact-resistant capabilities. NylonG also has excellent inter-layer adhesion and incredible tensile strength. Under stress, NylonG parts have very little flex, and they retain their dimensional accuracy better than nylon alone. NylonG filament is excellent for creating parts that need to stand up to a beating or need to absorb large amounts of kinetic energy.
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september 2018 by cyberchucktx
3/8"-16 Grade 18-8 NE Stainless Steel Nylon Insert Lock Nut | Fastenal
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on 20171108
Wholesale: $10.805 / Pkg of 25
Unit Price: $0.4322 / Each
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november 2017 by neerajsinghvns
With nylon stockings scarce, women would paint their legs so it looked like stockings, 1940s
Until the end of the 1930s the best women’s stockings were made from silk. This changed in the United States when DuPont began manufacturing nylon in 1939. Nylon stockings went on limited sale in October of that year followed by a national launch at selected stores in 1940.

Eager American shoppers bought up the new nylons even though they were priced the same as those made of silk. DuPont struggled to keep up with demand and American women were still complaining of shortages in 1942 when the United States joined the war. Commercial quantities of nylon stockings would not reach the rest of the world until after 1945.

Although most nylon was used to make stockings, some was bought by the American military to replace silk in the manufacture of parachutes. When the United States entered the war, DuPont shifted nylon production to a war footing and production was channeled into national defense uses, including parachutes and bomber tyres, and supplies of nylon for stockings dried up.

A new fashion arose from the nylon ration. Liquid stockings, it was called. A foundation for your legs, applied carefully and evenly for the illusion of hose. Advanced users got even more realistic by using black eyeliner pencils to draw the “seam.” Drawing in the seam-line on “Makeup” stockings with a device made from a screw driver handle, bicycle leg clip, and an eyebrow pencil.

In an attempt to drum up sales, some stores ran promotions where you could have your legs painted to see the effect or had specialist leg make-up bars where you could purchase the cosmetic and get advice on how to apply them for best effect. Helena Rubinstein was an early American advocate of the leg bar. In 1942 she opened a Bare-Leg Bar in her 5th Avenue salon. The bar featured leg make-up, special lotions, creams and cosmetics for the legs, a cooling masque for legs and feet, foot talcs and pedicure preparations. On the opening day different types of cosmetic stockings were demonstrated – stick form, out of a bottle, and sprayed on the legs.

The end of the war saw nylon stockings return to the shelves and the decline of substitutes. DuPont began producing nylon for stockings less than two-weeks after the Japanese surrendered. The resumption of limited sales of nylons in the United States produced what reporters of the time called the nylon riots of 1945 and 1946, as women scrambled to buy them.

In those parts of the world which were economically depressed and/or clothes continued to be rationed, cosmetic stockings lingered longer and were still being sold in the 1950s, well after the war was over. The eventual disappearance of cosmetic stockings was not the end of leg make-up, it was still used by some to make the legs looked tanned.
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november 2017 by thegrandnarrative

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