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Battling through an Nvidia GPU setup in the name of machine learning.
Gotchas and tips when installing NVIDIA drivers and libraries on Ubuntu/Debian systems. Good details of what may go wrong and what todo about it.
nvidia  ubuntu  debian  install  gotchas  tips  drivers  libraries 
2 days ago by drmeme
Compiling OpenCV with CUDA support - PyImageSearch
how2 install opencv with cuda support.

this will get you most of the way there.
cuda  howto  nvidia  install 
3 days ago by whlteXbread
How to install CUDA Toolkit and cuDNN for deep learning - PyImageSearch
walk through on how to install cuda and cudnn--basically remember `-P`
cuda  cudnn  install  nvidia  howto 
3 days ago by whlteXbread
RT : I finally finished my blog post about writing fast and generic GPU code for in
JuliaLang  NVIDIA  AMD  INTEL  from twitter
12 days ago by avi
Focus/Deep Learning for Genomics using DragoNN with Keras and Theano | Qwiklabs + spl-nvlabs
In this lab, we use the DragoNN toolkit on simulated and real regulatory genomic data, demystify popular DragoNN (Deep RegulAtory GenOmics Neural Network) architectures and provide guidelines for modeling and interpreting regulatory sequence using DragoNN models. We will answer questions such as When is a DragoNN good choice for a learning problem in genomics? How does one design a high-performance model? And more importantly, can we interpret these models to discover predictive genome sequence patterns to gain new biological insights?
machine_learning  keras  theano  nvidia 
15 days ago by amy

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