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NVIDIA Developer Blog
NVIDIA Technical Blog: for developers, by developers
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4 days ago by lxp121
G-SYNC 101: Optimal G-SYNC Settings & Conclusion | Blur Busters
Configuring G-SYNC for smooth, tear-free fun and profit
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9 days ago by bcat
NVIDIA Supersizes PC Gaming with Big Format Gaming Displays
NVIDIA is set to revolutionize PC gaming with the introduction of BFGDs, otherwise known as Big Format Gaming Displays. Created in conjunction with Acer, ASUS and HP, BFGDs integrate a high-end 65-inch, 4K 120Hz HDR display to deliver smooth gameplay, as well as the ability to watch all your favourite streaming services on demand.   The...

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NVIDIA  Supersizes  PC  Gaming  with  Big  Format  Displays 
10 days ago by vrzone
Agency: What is Agency?
Agency is an experimental C++ template library for parallel programming. Unlike higher-level parallel algorithms libraries like Thrust, Agency provides lower-level primitives for creating execution. Agency interoperates with standard components like execution policies and executors to enable the creation of portable parallel algorithms.
nvidia  cuda  thrust  c++  library  template 
11 days ago by Hwinkler
NVLink vs PCI-E with NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs on OpenPOWER
The new NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs are available with both PCI-Express and NVLink connectivity. How do these two types of connectivity compare? This post provides a rundown of NVLink vs PCI-E and explores the benefits of NVIDIA’s new NVLink technology.
nvidia  nvlink  pcie  benchmark  pascal  volta 
11 days ago by Hwinkler
Heterogeneous Memory Support (HMM) in NVIDIA UVM driver and Linux 4.14 - NVIDIA Developer Forums
I have been trying to make HMM work wit the newest possible setup. There have been a few topics about HMM support on the forum before, but none of them had any follow-ups. I have investigated the Nvidia drivers, and there already seems to be support for HMM, however I didn't manage to make it work.
nvidia  hmm  driver  cuda  gpu  memory 
12 days ago by Hwinkler

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