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RT : So, that's cool: multiplying two 1MM-value arrays in Notebooks is more performant than my locally-hos…
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So, that's cool: multiplying two 1MM-value arrays in Notebooks is more performant than my locally-hos…
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mpl-scatter-density/README.rst at master · astrofrog/mpl-scatter-density
Plotting millions of points can be slow. Real slow... 😴

So why not use density maps? ⚡️

The mpl-scatter-density mini-package provides functionality to make it easy to make your own scatter density maps, both for interactive and non-interactive use. Fast. The following animation shows real-time interactive use with 10 million points, but interactive performance is still good even with 100 million points (and more if you have enough RAM).
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28 days ago by deprecated
From Python to Numpy
An open-source book about numpy vectorization techniques, based on experience, practice and descriptive examples
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