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python - What is the difference between flatten and ravel functions in numpy? - Stack Overflow []

The difference is that flatten always returns a copy and ravel returns a view of the original array whenever possible. This isn't visible in the printed output, but if you modify the array returned by ravel, it may modify the entries in the original array. If you modify the entries in an array returned from flatten this will never happen. ravel will often be faster since no memory is copied, but you have to be more careful about modifying the array it returns.
python  numpy 
3 days ago by kme
코드로 보는 NumPy Tutorial - Always Prototype
NumPy는 파이썬에서 계산을 위해서 사용하는 가장 유명한 라이브러리라고 해도 과언이 아닙니다(사실 이거 말고 아는게 없습니다). 그 중에서 행렬 연산에 관한 기능을 코드와 함께 정리해봤습니다.
numpy  tutorial 
7 days ago by nezz
detly/audiolab: A python package for reading/writing audio files from numpy array
Audiolab is a python package for audio file IO using numpy arrays. It supports
many different audio formats, including wav, aiff, au, flac, ogg, htk. It can
also be used for sound output to audio device (Mac OS X and Linux only).
Python  audio  numpy 
16 days ago by clepple

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