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Form design: when to use the number input
You might think the number input is appropriate for the card number, expiry date, and CVC number — after all, they all consist of numbers. But it’s more complicated than that. By looking at what the spec says, what browsers do, and what users want, we can more easily determine when the number input is appropriate or not.
fridayfrontend  cssbasics  forms  html  numbers  inputs 
6 days ago by spaceninja
Digital Transformation, IT, and the Rest of the Company
"The IT department and the rest of the company don’t always see eye-to-eye, but everyone agrees that achieving greater operational efficiency is a top priority for DX. Non-IT believes producing revenue and reducing costs are primary priorities for digital transformation, while those are only secondary concerns for IT. In contrast, IT is more interested in integration, security, and maintaining system resilience."
cloud  native  culture  research  this  week  in  numbers 
9 days ago by jonerp
Magic numbers? : ender3
r/ender3: A subreddit for users of the Creality Ender 3 3d printer.
ender3  ender  3  magic  numbers 
10 days ago by tranqy
(34) Python Tutorial: String Formatting - Advanced Operations for Dicts, Lists, Numbers, and Dates - YouTube
In this Python tutorial, we will be learning how to perform some advanced string formatting operations. Formatting our strings allows us to display our information in exactly the way we would like it to be displayed. Everyone, in almost all areas of Python programming, comes across a situation where they need to format a data type in a specific way.
strings  python  formatting  datetime  date  howto  tutorial  lists  dictionary  numbers  dates 
15 days ago by pauljacobson
We know China is ageing rapidly, but this from our emerging cities report shows how pace differs significantly betw…
region  aging  numbers  comparison  city  future  china  from twitter_favs
24 days ago by aries1988
formatting - How can I format numbers as dollars currency string in JavaScript? - Stack Overflow
See Intl solution for comma-separated, dollar-prefixed solution
toFixed of course for everything else
js  currency  money  numbers 
28 days ago by mkelley33
font-variant-numeric | MDN
How to get tabular numbers to line up nicely
css  typography  numbers 
28 days ago by timprint

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