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NuGet Gallery | Shouldly 3.0.2
nstall-Package Shouldly -Version 3.0.2
C#  Nuget 
5 weeks ago by swanand
Home page - FuGet Gallery
This site is a nuget package browser combined with an API browser. The package browser uses the API to display all the packages in their index. The API browser combines the XML documentation and the metadata of the package's assemblies to help you explore and learn. Try the API search box to quickly find code, and use the code tab to see how the library works. You can also diff two package versions to see what's changed.
csharp  nuget  c# 
6 weeks ago by km04
How to Publish a NuGet Package | Microsoft Docs
Detailed instructions for how to publish a NuGet package to or private feeds, and how to manage package ownership on
8 weeks ago by stever
Publish a NuGet package from the command line | Microsoft Docs
Publish NuGet packages to Azure DevOps Services or Team Foundation Server from the command line
8 weeks ago by stever
How to create a NuGet package | Microsoft Docs
A detailed guide to the process of designing and creating a NuGet package, including key decision points like files and versioning.
8 weeks ago by stever
Creating and publishing a NuGet package using the dotnet CLI | Microsoft Docs
A walkthrough tutorial on creating and publishing a NuGet package using the .NET Core CLI, dotnet.
8 weeks ago by stever
Introductory Guide to Using NuGet Packages Through the dotnet CLI | Microsoft Docs
A walkthrough tutorial on the process of installing and using a NuGet package in a .NET Core project.
nuget  dotnet  csharp 
11 weeks ago by piggahmonster
How to host your own NuGet Server and Package Feed - Scott Hanselman
Scott Hanselman on Programming, The Web, Open Source, .NET, The Cloud and More
december 2018 by stever

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