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july 2018 by joshd
. was afraid to come out, but remembers seeing young gay fans singing their hearts out at concerts…
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april 2018 by jcchurch
Mad About the Boys - Bryan Burrough, Vanity Fair, Nov. 2007
After seeing the Backstreet Boys documentary (Show 'Em What You're Made Of) I read this again and yep, it's just as awful as I remember. A lot of this is elided in the movie.
Until he fled the country in January, accused of embezzling more than $300 million, Lou Pearlman was famous as the impresario behind the Backstreet Boys and 'NSync. Turns out his investors weren't the only victims.
pop  crime  backstreetboys  nsync 
april 2015 by littlerhymes
not the reel nsync, by No pSeud Attached
This is the story where Chris has Lance, Joey and a diabolical JC dubbing bad German porn during hiatus. Justin finds out and of course he goes through the roof. It’s written partly as a regular story, and partly as a script, and it’s very, very funny.

{' -- CHRIS (CONT'D)

And what the fuck? After all that begging and whining, I finally give you lines, and what happens? No breaking the straight guy, okay? There could be terrible consequences.

-- JC

Hey, you never said that about me. I like chicks just as much as Joey.


Point one, no one likes chicks as much as Joey. Point two, you aren't married to an avenging angel of wrath who could snap my fragile body in two without breaking into a sweat. And point three, Joey is actually straight. Whereas you're straight like a drinking straw — the bend's already there, all someone needs to do is give it a little tweak and start sucking.

*JC glares, rather pink in the face.*

-- JC

That is so untrue! I'm dedicated to my craft, that's all. I'll do whatever's required to get the take. It isn't my fault if Lance chose to exploit my weakness for perfection. I never stood a chance.


Sure you didn't.

*Lance slides off his stool, and puts his headphones down with precision.*


If you come upstairs to one of Chris's guest rooms with me right now, you can blow me. I know I'll find it very motivational, so really it's your duty as a friend and colleague.

*JC grins, and spread his hands in a general appeal to the room.*

-- JC

See? That's exactly what I'm talking about. How can I avoid a devious play like that?


Whoa right the fuck there. We have a schedule to keep.


I'm taking a break. The union says I can.

*Lance hooks his forefinger through JC's belt loop, and tugs him off his stool and across the room. His voice drifts back down the stairs to Chris.*


And when I get back, we're gonna have another little talk about my dressing room riders. I told you last week, Chris: Dorritos are not 'exactly the same as' rice crackers, and unless you had a real long pipe laid, Evian does not come out of your kitchen faucet. And incidentally? When I said 'you need to buy lube which isn't chocolate flavoured', I wasn't thinking 'ooh, marshmallow!'

*Chris makes flappy-mouth gestures with his hand until Lance's voice has faded away, still complaining.* '}
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  pairing:lance/omcs  hiatus  humor  length:10001-15000  author:norah 
june 2014 by morgana
Marking It Down To Learning, by jewelianna (aka juli, aka jewelianna88)
Summary: AU in which JC is a first year teacher and Lance is there to guide him through.

Needs notes.
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  au  length:30001-35000  author:jewelianna  author:jewelianna88  author:juli  needs.notes 
may 2014 by morgana
just ask., by halo (aka halowrites)
The guys stay in for a night of watching porn, and Chris, Joey and Lance and tell Justin that the hottest thing they've ever seen is JC jerking off and he'd do it for Justin too, if Justin asked. This leads to JC and Lance having sex and then GSF.
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  pairing:gsf  length:1-5000  author:halo  author:halowrites 
may 2014 by morgana
accidentally on purpose, by halo (aka halowrites)
This is the fluttery version of JC, who begins a relationship with Lance and continues it by accident. He then keeps telling himself he means to end it, all the while keeping count in a notebook of all the times they've had sex.

{‘ JC didn't mean to keep sleeping with Lance. Well, okay-- that wasn't strictly true- the first time it happened, it had been totally intentional. And he really *did* mean it the second time too, because the noises Lance made while he was being fucked were unlike anything JC had ever heard before, so naturally he'd been curious to hear them again. Once more for the road and all that, he'd told Lance, who'd agreed, yeah, sure, and unbuttoned his pants happily. Actually, the second time around, the noises were really kinda fucking hot, and JC had briefly contemplated asking if Lance would mind if he recorded them the next time, until he'd remembered that, ah --there wasn't *going* to be a next time. Right.

As it turned out, there *had* been a next time, because tequila was bad and evil, and after drinking a lot of it, Lance looked not unlike some pale and stunning god, and fuck it, JC was only human.

The fifth time, though, JC decided enough was enough. He'd folded his arms resolutely -- which had been somewhat awkward, due to Lance's legs resting on his shoulders at the time-- and had declared that this was most definitely it. No ifs or buts, there was going to be no more accidental sex between either of them from now on.

"Sure, sure," Lance had panted, twisting his hips impatiently, "whatever you say, C-- just hurry up and fuck me, okay?"

"Oh, right." JC had unfolded his arms again, and grabbed Lance's ankles. "Sorry. Hard and fast, like usual?"

Lance had made one of his noises, and well. The fifth time had been really very spectacular.

The morning after the twenty-seventh time (JC had started a notebook, each time he and Lance having had accidental sex marked with a fiercely-scrawled, *"not AGAIN!"* and a scowling face) he was idly doodling in the margin of the page, adding loops and swirls around: *"no more tequila. EVER"* --when Chris peered over his shoulder.

"Again, huh?" he asked, slapping JC on the back. "What's that now-- eighteen times?"

JC sniffed, frantically underlining *EVER* in thick, black lines. "Twenty-seven," he muttered, and threw the pen down. "Twenty-*seven,* Chris, and it's stopping now."

"Uh huh." Chris didn't even look up from pouring himself some coffee. "Didn't you say that twenty-six times ago?"

"It's possible, I suppose. I can't remember." JC slammed the notebook shut. "However, this time, I *mean* it." ‘}
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  humor  length:1-5000  author:halo  author:halowrites 
may 2014 by morgana
Syrupy Lambs, by beatpropx and no pseud attached
The precursor to "Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder."

Lance and Justin get stoned on cough syrup.

{' However, when they started for the door, Lance said, "Wait! Wait!"

By the time JC had turned around, Lance had disappeared under the covers. A Lance-shaped lump moved around oddly, and Chris paled.

"Oh, shit," Chris said. "Tell me he isn't..."

Justin lay still, strange expressions crossing over his face as he clutched the blankets tight, watching JC and Chris. Eventually, a hand popped up out of the blankets, triumphantly waving a pair of boxers. Lance's head followed a moment later, all bed-head spikes and alarming grin, like a groundhog looking forward to an especially fine spring.

"To distract the door!" Lance exclaimed.

"Um...Chris has a key," JC said. "Really, we don't need—"

"No, no, no." Lance fought his way clear of the blankets and knelt up. He shoved the boxers at JC. "The door wants Justin. So, you know. It's not a *bad* door, but it's kind of melty and it can't have him. I don't have a problem with him at *all.*"

Gingerly, JC took them between thumb and forefinger. They were rather sticky, and it wasn't all syrup. "Okay. Yeah. Thanks."

Lance nodded, job done, and wriggled back under the covers with Justin's eager assistance.

"Can we go now?" Chris asked. "Please. I really, really want to be able to say to Lynn that I didn't ever see her baby boy stick his tongue in Lance's ear."

As they approached the door, Lance made rather muffled warning noises behind them, so JC waved the boxers at the door as he opened it, then hung them over the doorknob. Hopefully, the door would like them. He sighed with relief as they made it back out into the thankfully empty corridor.

"God," Chris said as JC made sure he'd closed the door. "I need a drink." '}
popslash  nsync  pairing:justin/lance  eurobabies  touring  verse!absinthe.makes  has.a.sequel  length:5001-10000  author:beatpropx  author:nopseud 
may 2014 by morgana
Fake It Till You Make It, by phaballa
Due to a slipup on Lance's part, he and JC need to pretend to date.

[' "It's my fault," Lance says grimly, handing JC a new cup of coffee and patting him on the shoulder sadly. "I wasn't even thinking, fucking interns calling at six in the morning. It's my fault, and I take complete responsibility. How long do we need to do this for?"

"Do what?" JC frowns more before trying to smooth his face into a blank mask. Frowning too much will give him wrinkles. He's pretty sure he saw it in a movie, or possibly on *Doctor 90210,* although he has to keep his eyes shut for most of that show because—needles and cutting and blood. Plastic surgery is really gross, and he's old now, he needs to be careful about that shit if he doesn't want to end up having to have it.

"A while," Eric says, fingers flying over the keys on his phone, texting, texting. "I mean, this can't be a fling, JC's been saying you're his best friend for years. It'd look bad if it ended quickly. Six months? Hmm. Maybe a year."

"A year of what?" JC wants to cry. He won't, because he's not actually a girl or gay, no matter what Jive seems to think, so no crying even if this is his worst birthday ever, but he would really, really like to. Cry, or maybe go back to sleep. This day needs a do-over. He hasn't even turned on the television or checked his feed reader yet. He's sort of terrified of what people are saying about him, although he's more terrified that they're not saying anything. He's maybe complete irrelevant, JC thinks, which is really just unfair because damn it, he's talented. A genius, some might say, if one took into account his mother's opinion, which JC totally does because seriously—his mom's a really smart lady. She knows things.

"A year of dating," Lance says, and squeezes JC's shoulder. "Believe me, if you're going to come out, having a boyfriend is the best way to do it. And pretending really isn't that hard."

"But I'm not gay!" '}
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  coming.out.public  pretend.to.date  author:phaballa 
may 2014 by morgana
Take a Second Just to Breathe, by pensnest
The sequel to "Clear My Eyes." A porny threesome.


Nick Carter, grinning on the doorstep and wearing a Santa hat, said, "Merry Christmas!"

Lance grinned back, and gestured him inside.

"I'm supposed to be your Christmas gift," Nick said, "according to JC. You, uh, did know that, right?"

"I was there when he called you," Lance said. The call had been quite explicit about what was required.

"Hah," said Nick. "I was on my own."

Lance's grin got wider as he appreciated the mental picture that gave him. "Must have been hard," he said, and Nick snorted. "But I think we're all each other's Christmas gifts. At least, that's the idea." '}
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  pairing:jc/lance/nick  threesome  sequel  author:pensnest 
may 2014 by morgana
Cake, by giddy (aka giddygeek)
Chris and Lance have been in a long-term casual relationship, that somehow turns into something more serious when Chris isn't paying attention.

{‘ "What I'm doing," Lance says, calm and assured, "what I'm doing is buying a house in LA that will come in handy, since the house across the street just isn't anymore. What I'm doing is telling you to make more room for my clothes in the closet and don't forget to set a second place for dinner, because I'm moving in *here.*"

Chris blinks at him a lot of times in a row before he wrests control back from the part of his brain that just started spinning in circles. He's suddenly cold and feels more than a little detached from the whole conversation; that more than anything convinces him that he's gone in to shock and might require medical attention. "Well," he says weakly, "nice of you to tell me before you brought over your toothpaste, I guess. Thanks?"

Lance sighs and says, "I *already* brought over my toothpaste."

A brief and startling flash of images, none of them involving Lance's mother but all of them involving his toothpaste in the cabinet, his favorite shirt in with the rest of the laundry, his socks in the drawer, his favorite ice cream in the freezer and. And.

"Oh my God," Chris says, amazed. "Oh my God, you live in my house. When the hell did that happen?"

Lance frowns. "You had to have noticed. I mean, I haven't exactly been hiding in your basement, here."

"Well, no, but you haven't exactly been, I mean, you were just, you wanted *flour.*"

"I said that the first night, but then I came over for sugar--you remember that, I stayed a week? And then I came over for eggs, too, and I like, haven't left yet. What have you been thinking all this time, that I've had brownie mix waiting on the counter for me for months?"

"It was *cake*! And no, I thought--"

"Yes?" Lance is all raised eyebrows and eyes gone nearly silver, sharp but warm, and Chris can't help but groan and drop his head, rest it against Lance's shoulder for just a minute. There's something comfortable about the way he's shaped, like the line of his collarbone was designed specifically for this. It would be very very easy to just say, 'fuck it, let's just nap now and figure life out later,' and then just spend a couple quiet hours sitting like this. It would be very, very hard to see Lance move out to Los Angeles, with nothing settled between them.

"OK, so I haven't been thinking about it," he says, the words muffled against warm skin before he sits up and takes a deep breath, trying to think of the right words, the right way to phrase this. "I've been trying not to think about it like at all. What the hell happened to, oh, we're both too independent? I mean, I thought, I didn't get your logic then but I said OK and now *this?*"

"Oh, Jesus, Chris," Lance says. "I was *nineteen* when we had that conversation." ‘}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/lance  author:giddy  author:giddygeek 
may 2014 by morgana
All that lies before you, by ephemera_pop
The Nsync guys are at a party in 1997 and meet the Greek gods. Lance spends the night with “Phillip” (aka Poseidon) while off-screen Joey spends the night with “Dion,” or Dionysus. In 2005 Lance comes across Phillip at another party, and they spend the night together again.
popslash  nsync  pairing:lance/poseidon  greek.mythology  author:ephemera_pop 
may 2014 by morgana
Vines, by deirdre (aka pierson)
JC and Lance are at a party, and JC’s bored. They’re on a balcony, and JC pulls Lance further into the shadows and behind the greenery to hide them from view. Public sex ensues.
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  lance:space  length:1-5000  author:deirdre  author:pierson 
may 2014 by morgana

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