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Add NSNotificationObserver implementation by JiriTrecak · Pull Request #21 · apple/swift-corelibs-foundation
It looks like the Swift guys don't mind using the FoundationKit rewrite as an opportunity to adjacent some of its interfaces:
in that part of this project is to help shape what Foundation looks like and acts like in swift in addition to allowing a common cross platform interface
CoreFoundation  FoundationKit  swiftlang  foundation  NSFoundation  nsnotificationcenter  open-source  swift_lang 
december 2015 by andrewsardone
Fundamentals of NSNotificationCenter in Swift
Quick reference for basic use of NSNotificationCenter with simple Swift example
ios  learning  swift  nsnotificationcenter 
august 2015 by benward
A safer and easier way to use NSNotificationCenter with blocks.
NSNotificationCenter  ios  osx  lang:objective-c  is:repo 
august 2015 by cdzombak
Macoscope Blog | Improving Notification Center
Reworking some of NotificationCenter to let clang's warnings help you avoid the problems with block-based observers.
NSNotificationCenter  ios  osx  objective-c  clang 
august 2015 by cdzombak
Macoscope Blog | Improving Notification Center
A couple of weeks ago, in his How Not to Crash series, Brent Simmons wrote in detail about common issues related to using NSNotificationCenter. The piece…
clang  ios  objective-c  osx  nsnotificationcenter 
august 2015 by evilkarlothian
NSNotificationCenter vs Delegation - An Analysis - Andrew Bancroft
In Fundamentals of NSNotificationCenter in Swift, a commenter asked me to elaborate on a response I’d given to a dialog going on below the blog post. I had stated:
delegate  delegation  design-pattern  notification-center  nsnotificationcenter 
february 2015 by pitiphong_p

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