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Presidential Executive Order on Reviving the National Space Council - June 2017
The revived National Space Council consists of the following members:[13]
Vice President of the United States, chair
Secretary of State
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of Commerce
Secretary of Transportation
Secretary of Homeland Security
Director of National Intelligence
Director of the Office of Budget and Management
National Security Advisor
Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Homeland Security Advisor
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
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Iran’s Priorities in a Turbulent Middle East | Crisis Group
The proponents of the former perspective warned against intervening militarily in Syria, lest it prompt a sectarian backlash against Iran and dilute Iran’s revolutionary ideal of siding with the downtrodden; instead, they championed reforms to counter the protests. The latter, by contrast, argued for aiding Damascus in supressing the uprising. The resulting deadlock in the SNSC was broken by the parliamentary speaker, Ali Larijani, who sided with the interventionists, but suggested offering a package deal to Damascus that, in addition to Iran’s military backing, contained demands for reforms. It remains unclear precisely what reforms Iran proposed beyond Syria making a transition to a more inclusive form of government, or whether Iran was willing to back up its proposal with genuine pressure. The fact is that whatever reforms may have been considered were overtaken by military priorities, as the uprising turned into a civil war and then a sectarian-tainted, zero-sum regional proxy conflict in which the regime’s survival rendered moot any notion of reform.
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Head of FAA commercial space office to retire - SpaceNews.com Feb 2018
“In recent months, Nield has advocated for regulatory reform efforts to streamline the launch licensing process. Vice President Mike Pence, at the first National Space Council meeting in October, requested a 45-day review of the regulatory framework for commercial space. However, Nield said even before the Council meeting he was seeking ideas for reforms that could reduce the burden on AST [the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation] given growing commercial launch activity.”

He may have lost this argument with Commerce:

“Nield has also, in recent years, advocated that AST take on the role of overseeing “non-traditional” commercial space activities that are not currently under the jurisdiction of the FAA or other agencies, such as the Federal Communications Commission or, for remote sensing missions, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.”

AST: "oversees commercial launch activity in the United States and by American companies regardless of location, licensing launches and spaceports to protect the safety of the uninvolved public. AST also has a mandate to encourage, facilitate and promote the U.S. commercial launch industry."

"allowing a single launch license to be used for vehicles launching from multiple locations, were accepted by the Council at its most recent meeting Feb. 21 at the Kennedy Space Center"

"Nield has also, in recent years, advocated that AST take on the role of overseeing “non-traditional” commercial space activities that are not currently under the jurisdiction of the FAA or other agencies, ... needed to ensure the United States complies with provisions in Article 6 of the Outer Space Treaty that require “authorization and continuing supervision” of space activities. ... Nield said that AST was best suited to perform those roles, and that such oversight could be based on the payload review it already performs as part of the launch licensing process."
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