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mafintosh/ims: Install My Stuff - an opinionated npm module installer
Install My Stuff - an opinionated npm module installer
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yesterday by orlin
npm weekly #159: Catch our Cloud Next ’18 keynote, we’re hiring again, and five things you might not know about npm
via Pocket - npm weekly #159 If you weren’t able to catch the livestream on the day of (because, you know, work, life, etc.), the video of her presentation is now available. Watch it now! Head to, sign up, and start searching for a way to create your first npm pr. We’ll see you there!
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2 days ago by mannieschumpert
chore(lerna): ignore non-publish files by austin94 · Pull Request #113 · zendeskgarden/react-components
A way to lower the number of releases when hosting several npm packages in a monorepo.
lerna  npm 
2 days ago by Sylphe
How to make a beautiful, tiny npm package and publish it
If you’ve created lots of npm modules, you can skip ahead. Otherwise, we’ll go through a quick intro. All the big elephants stomp around with their giant feet, making package after package, and…
8 days ago by daniel.zappala
npm weekly #158: New security advisories, reflecting on ScotlandJS, and a Teacup update!
via Pocket - npm weekly #158 This collection of advisories features new updates along with legacies from Node Security Platform. Head over to to get secured.
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9 days ago by mannieschumpert
RT : Given the sheer number of packages, it's hard to NOT find a package that solves your problem.

As I'm hesitant…
npm  from twitter
9 days ago by stefanscheidt

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