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Small program that should daemonize any process on a Linux system.
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18 hours ago by moalex
Easy to use Timer/Chronometer/Countdown library compatible with AMD and NodeJS
javascript  nodejs  timer  npm  library 
23 hours ago by jppferguson
Installation | Cupper
Documentation for the Cupper documentation builder, built with Cupper itself.
documentation  hugo  builder  tool  npm  library  brew 
23 hours ago by jppferguson
lgkonline/put-version: A small tool to put the version from your package.json to all ressources in a HTML document.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
versioning  html  css  npm  cli 
yesterday by jppferguson
Noderize · Create a Node app in less than 30 seconds.
The role of Noderize is to replace your build configuration for a batteries-included experience, focused on features and flexibility.

It aims to get out of your way and not require any configuration until you need it, making it very simple to get started in a few seconds.
js  javascript  node.js  tool  npm 
2 days ago by wjy
npm weekly #137: version 5.8.0-next.0 is here, qdd is nifty, some exciting wasm news
via Pocket - npm weekly #137 Read the full release notes here. If you or your team is building something cool with npm, we want to hear about it and help promote it far and wide. Let’s partner up to show off what you’ve built.
IFTTT  Pocket  newsletters  npm 
3 days ago by mannieschumpert
Which Should You Use: Webpack or Browserify & Gulp? | Toptal
ul tool that it can already perform the vast majority of the tasks you’d otherwise do through a task runner. For instance, Webpack already provides options for minification and sourcemaps for your bundle. In addition, Webpack can be run as middleware through a custom server called webpack-dev-server, which supports both live reloading and hot reloading (we’ll talk about these features later). By using loaders, you can also a
build  webpack  comparison  npm  browserify  grunt  gulp 
3 days ago by adaw
npm and the front end – DailyJS – Medium
Working with npm on the front end comes with many issues. A summary of this can be found in this npm blog post. In the following article, I explore the way we use and reuse front end components (such…
npm  javascript  dependencies  peerDependency 
5 days ago by josephschmitt
Understanding the npm dependency model
Currently, npm is the package manager for the frontend world. Sure, there are alternatives, but for the time being, npm seems to have won. Even tools like Bower are being pushed to the wayside in favor of the One True Package Manager, but what’s most interesting to me is npm’s relatively novel approach to dependency management. Unfortunately, in my experience, it is actually not particularly well understood, so consider this an attempt to clarify how exactly it works and how it affects you as a user or package developer.
npm  web-development  javascript  dependency  peerDependency 
5 days ago by josephschmitt

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