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npm weekly #129: Introducing Spife, check out ORMnomnom, and a reminder to fill out the 2017 JS Ecosystem Survey.
via Pocket - npm weekly #129: Introducing Spife, check out ORMnomnom, and a reminder to fill out the 2017 JS Ecosystem Survey. We teamed up with the JS Foundation and the Node.js Foundation to create this survey so you can have a voice in helping us make better tools for the JavaScript community. We’ll be circulating the survey until the end of January, so fill one out today.
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3 hours ago by mannieschumpert
NPM Flies with JFrog CLI | JFrog
Promote までのワークフローが決まっているのはいいな。しかしサブコマンドが分かりにくすぎるだろ。
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18 hours ago by summerwind
Using Npm Scripts as a Build Tool
In my last article, I compared the popular front-end build tools Grunt and Gulp, and talked a bit about how they are still relevant as an alternative to Webpack. I also mentioned an up-and-coming alternative that I didn’t really go into: npm scripts. Npm scripts are defined in your package.json and allow you to run …
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3 days ago by michaelfox
Modern JavaScript Explained For Dinosaurs – Node.js Collection – Medium
Very good walkthrough from the old days of just sourcing a script to all the new package management stuff.
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5 days ago by brentfarwick

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