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Building a Web Thing with Node.js - PeerTube
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Building a Web Thing with Node.js
Published 3 months ago - 31 views
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By jaller94@peertube.mastodon.hostAccount avatar

I recorded how I build a simple Web Thing on my computer. The Web Thing API asks for a REST web server which I built using JavaScript and the express framework.

Final source code:
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LicencePublic Domain Dedication
TagsInternet of ThingsMozilla ThingsWeb ThingWeb of Thingsweb development

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1 hour ago by InvertedX
eBay/ebay-font: A small utility to efficiently load custom web fonts
Webfont loading strategy to mimic font-display: optional and avoid FOUT and FOIT
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npm weekly #168: Travis CI announces Windows support, npm heads to Stockholm, and photos of puppies from PADS!
via Pocket - npm weekly #168 A large number of npm installs are performed on Windows machines, and we're excited about tools that make Windows testing easier. If you write npm modules you should enable testing on Windows, which is easier than ever before. To learn more about Travis CI and Windows, read the full announcement.
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yesterday by mannieschumpert
nowsecure/owasp-password-strength-test: OWASP Password Strength Test for Node.js
OWASP Password Strength Test

owasp-password-strength-test is a password-strength tester based off of the OWASP Guidelines for enforcing secure passwords. It is lightweight, extensible, has no dependencies, and can be used on the server (nodejs) or in-browser.

owasp-password-strength-test is not an OWASP project - it is merely based off of OWASP research.
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yesterday by bfritz
How can I change the version of npm using nvm?
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2 days ago by stuarth
terkelg/zet: Set() as it should be
「JavaScritpのSetをベースにunion, intersectionなどの集合演算が可能なライブラリ 」
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2 days ago by yoshiagi

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