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[Star Wars: The Last Jedi] thrillhaus - Prima Nocta - Kylo Ren/Hux
Kylo finds out about Hux's engagement. He convinces Hux that he has the right to the first night with his bride, then convinces him to take the bride's place.

Hux has some bridal night jitters. Kylo helps him through them.

Hux enjoys himself more than he expected to. He's not happy about that. This leads to further entanglements. Which one of them will end up in this marriage?
thrillhaus  angst  smut  drama  novella  25-50k  star_wars  the_last_jedi  kylo_ren/hux 
10 weeks ago by atomicduck
let your heart go boom
Zayn arrives in Dublin with no expectations except to forget about the life he left behind in London. He's here on exchange for a year, and his only plan is to learn to be himself again. But no matter what, he can't seem to shake off the feeling that he's so helplessly lost.

Then he meets Niall, and suddenly life becomes a little bit more easier.

But what Zayn forgets is that time is ticking, and there's a return ticket to London with his name on it.
complete  rps  novella  slash  pg-13  niall.horan/zayn.malik  au—college  drama 
january 2019 by briefly
playing from the same hand
Niall and Zayn grow closer on the European leg of the Where We Are Tour.


Zayn hums again, low from the base of his chest and Niall’s hand skims down Zayn’s arm six more times, Niall counts them slowly to match his rhythm, before it feels a bit more natural.


"Don’t think Perrie’ll make Paris,” Zayn finally says. And that’s that.
r  complete  au—canon.compliant  slash  drama  niall.horan/zayn.malik  rps  angst  novella  au—tour 
december 2018 by briefly
The Nearest |
"When a detective, a new mother, is assigned to the case of a horrific triple murder, it appears to be a self-contained domestic tragedy, a terrible event but something that doesn’t affect the rest of the community. But it slowly becomes clear that something much darker may be at play, something that spreads out from the scene of the crime to corrode the closest relationships of everyone it touches."
gregegan  fiction  novella  virus  consciousness  via:r-printsf 
september 2018 by danhon
[Harry Potter] aibidil - when by now and tree by leaf - Harry/Draco
When Scorpius Malfoy is saying goodbye to his dying mother, he doesn't expect to hear her confess, "Your father slept with another man and became pregnant with you." Grappling with his grief and his identity, Scorpius sets out to discover his other father, who it turns out has a lighting-shaped scar and no idea that Scorpius exists.

(EWE/canon-divergence AU)
aibidil  au  futurefic  angst  post-war  post-hogwarts  mpreg  novella  25-50k  harry_potter  harry/draco 
august 2018 by atomicduck
[Star Wars: The Force Awakens] rosensilence - The Fall - Kylo Ren/Hux
When Resistance smuggler Kylo Ren is captured and brought aboard the Finalizer, General Hux gets more than he was expecting. It isn't long before things are spiraling out of Hux's usually tight control.

(Canon-divergence AU)
rosensilence  angst  au  romance  action  novella  50-75k  star_wars  the_force_awakens  kylo_ren/hux 
july 2018 by atomicduck
[Star Wars: The Force Awakens] sabrina - Consider the Lilies - Kylo Ren/Hux
It was never Hux's goal to become the Republic's utmost authority on rare Alderaanian plants, but then again he had precious little control over that life thus far. It was never Hux's goal to become obsessed with a Jedi that won't stop visiting his garden to meditate and 'enjoy the view', but it's possible his control over that is marginal also.

(Canon-divergence AU)
sabrina  au  drama  romance  novella  25-50k  star_wars  the_force_awakens  kylo_ren/hux 
february 2018 by atomicduck
[NBC Hannibal] thehoyden - With a Crown of Stars - Hannibal/Will
When the call connects, Will says, “I know what kind of crazy I am, but I’m not this kind of crazy.”

“Will?” Dr. Lecter says.

“Yes, hi, sorry,” Will says. “It’s me. There’s a baby on my porch.”

(AU from 1x09 - Trou Normand. Kidfic.)
thehoyden  au  romance  drama  novella  25-50k  nbc_hannibal  hannibal/will 
january 2018 by atomicduck
Track Changes - cairophoenix - Supergirl (Alex/Maggie, 44k, teen)
Alex is an editor at a New York publishing house, and that means her life is going right. She has her apartment, and the gym, and Kara a subway stop away. So if her apartment’s always empty at the end of the day, that’s just how things are. She spends a lot of time at the office, anyway. She’s making it, and that’s something she can be satisfied with.

And then a mysterious book arrives.
fic  to-read  supergirl  femmeslash  novella 
october 2017 by blindmouse
Superior by Jessica Lack
Here's the thing about being a superhero intern: there's a lot less crime fighting than you think there will be, what with the whole liability issue and the administrative headache of constantly monitoring the Heroic Help Hotline. The most action that Jamie sees happens when he is kidnapped by the supervillain of the week--and then waits for his boss, Captain Superior, to show up and rescue him. Again.

On his most recent nabbing, Jamie gets to meet Tad, Terrorantula's new villainous apprentice. Even though they are supposed to be on opposite sides (or are they?), sparks fly almost immediately. So, when Tad offers to give Jamie much-needed self-defense classes, how could Jamie pass the opportunity to hang out with the coolest (and hottest) guy he knows?

But Tad has a secret--one that threatens the budding relationship between the two teenage sidekicks, and could destroy Captain Superior forever.
a:jessica.lack  superheroes  humor  YA  romance  QUILTBAG  mc:queer  novella  claire 
october 2017 by readersheartcons

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