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Richard Powers - Wikipedia
Richard Powers (born June 18, 1957) is an American novelist whose works explore the effects of modern science and technology. His novel The Echo Maker won the 2006 National Book Award for Fiction.[1][2] He has also won many other awards over the course of his career, including a MacArthur Fellowship. As of 2018 Powers has published twelve novels, and has taught at the University of Illinois and Stanford Universities.
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Log In - New York Times
RT : RIP Paula Fox, and incredibly resilient person
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Louisa May Alcott: a practical utopian from a divided US | Books | The Guardian
The author of Little Women grew up among idealistic transcendentalists – and the book itself was a practical sacrifice to sustain those dreams
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Author Marlon James Connects Fiction and History at Athanaeum | The Student Life | February 3, 2017
Jamaican novelist and Macalester English professor Marlon James filled Claremont McKenna College's Marion Miner Cook Athenaeum with his discussion of the interconnections between fiction and history and how the line between fact and narrative is more blurred than we know, in novels as well as the world we live in today.
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