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Hipsters get Remembered, Legends Never Die [sara_holmes]
Bucky Barnes is a broke millennial hipster and one-armed veteran who somehow ends up as a science project for Tony Stark, a PA for Steve Rogers and a fling for Clint Barton. What even is his life.
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky  Clint  Clint/Bucky  novel(50000-100000)  *better 
12 days ago by Presto.Cadenza
my love, take your time [writerforlife]
It's been twelve years since Tony Stark died. In 2035, Morgan Stark is sixteen years old, and Peter Parker is twenty-eight. When Morgan becomes frustrated that she doesn’t know her dad, she and Peter set out on a journey through time to better learn who Tony Stark really was. But with a threat from the past looming on the home front, Morgan and Peter find themselves with an impossible question: what are their places in Tony Stark’s legacy—and outside of it?
fanfic  Avengers  gen  Morgan  Tony  novel(50000-100000)  *better  Peter_Parker 
7 weeks ago by Presto.Cadenza
From the Top [garamonder]
Miles let go. Peter B. Parker closed his eyes as he dropped back through the rift, heading home.

It would have been nice if he’d ended up there. Instead, the veteran hero makes an unintended pit stop in another Peter's universe - one where he's an Avenger, of all things.
fanfic  Avengers  gen  Peter_B  Tony  novel(50000-100000)  *good  Peter_Parker 
12 weeks ago by Presto.Cadenza
Fire and Water for Your Love [dragongirlG]
When the Avengers investigate an abandoned HYDRA base on behalf of S.H.I.E.L.D., they unexpectedly encounter a dark-haired man with a torn metal arm, who leads them to an even more shocking discovery deeper inside the base. The Avengers must reconcile what they have found with the lies S.H.I.E.L.D. has been telling for decades.

[re-read and tag better later]
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky/Steve  Bucky  Steve  team  novel(50000-100000) 
may 2019 by Presto.Cadenza
might never be normal again (but who cares) [napricot]
The beginnings of a plan took shape in Steve’s mind, as clear and simple as a tactical frontal assault. He’d prove to Bucky that this was it, he was staying: Steve was retired from the fighting game, Steve wasn’t going to let anything keep pulling them apart. Maybe then when Steve finally told him he loved him, Bucky would believe him.

All things considered, Steve thought he’d handled the whole Thanos killing half the universe thing and the ensuing bitter, desperate quest to defeat him pretty well. Sacrificing his super soldier serum to use one of the Infinity Stones wasn't a problem either, not when it meant getting back the half of the universe they'd lost, and especially not when it meant getting Bucky back. But retirement and finally confessing his feelings for Bucky? Those were proving to be more challenging.

[tag this better later]
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky/Steve  Bucky  Steve  novel(50000-100000)  *good 
april 2019 by Presto.Cadenza
Lines in Ink [Deisderium]
Bucky Barnes remembers how he got his scars. That's why he wants to tattoo over them.
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky/Steve  Bucky  Steve  novel(50000-100000) 
december 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
Man with Your Frame [Veldeia]
Steve Rogers spends his days as a body-swapping agent for SHIELD and many of his nights exploring the various bodies in the bedroom with young tech genius and business heir Tony Stark—until one fateful mission changes everything. When Steve wakes up decades later, all his friends are gone, except for a much changed Tony. He recruits Steve to investigate a series of attempts on his life, but Steve soon realizes that finding out who wants to kill Tony may not be the most important mystery.

[bodyswap tag is not quite right? but this is a great fic!]
fanfic  Avengers  Steve  Tony  Steve/Tony  novel(50000-100000)  *best 
november 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
Ready to Comply [exclamation]
The asset's orders at the end of The Winter Soldier weren't to kill Captain America, but to capture him, so that he could be wiped and turned into another asset. The asset has succeeded in that mission, capturing its target and taking him back to the Hydra base. But the Hydra soldiers are dead, captured, or fled, so there is no one there to give the asset new orders.

Alone with its captive, the asset has no instructions on how it is meant to act. But the more time it spends with its target, the more old protocols start to assert themselves, like the protocol that when that face is hurt and bleeding, the asset is supposed to clean away the blood.
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky/Steve  bucky  steve  team  novel(50000-100000)  *good 
october 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
what if there is no tomorrow? [iron_spider]
"Tony, talk to me. What's going on with you? You're freaking us out."

Tony keeps making his snow angel. He moves his arms and legs back and forth and stares up at the bright blue sky until Peter moves a little closer, eclipsing the sun. He narrows his eyes and stares down at him like he's insane.

Because he is insane.

"Peter," Tony says, beginning the conversation he's had so many times before. "Do you trust me?"

"Of course," Peter says.

"We're in a time loop. I'm Bill Murray. I remember everything, you guys don't, we're...we are trapped. We're trapped, buddy. I've done this over and over. And over. And over and over and over. I don't know how to fix it. So I' up. I make snow angels now. And that's it."
fanfic  Avengers  gen  Tony  Justin  Rhodey  Happy  novel(50000-100000)  *best  Peter_Parker 
october 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
Whatever Makes You Happy [WilmaKins]
Steve and his team never stopped Avenging. So when T'Challa tells them about strange events at the site of an ancient landmark, everything seems quite simple. Of course they'll help Shuri to investigate it - helping people is what they do, after all.

Until they discover that a race of alien empaths are harvesting human emotions as a source of power. Specifically, they're using the misery of one Tony Stark.

So, until they work out what's really going on, the fate of the world might depend on them keeping Tony happy.

Not simple. Not simple at all.

Set six months after CA:CW.
fanfic  Avengers  Tony/Steve  Tony  Steve  Shuri  team  novel(50000-100000)  *good 
september 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
Falling Off the Face of the Earth [Teeelsie]
Cap relaxes his hold, but he stays where he is, still looming over him. “Clint. The compound’s been breached,” Rogers whispers urgently, then finally sits back and lets go of him.

There’s another explosion, closer this time and throwing more light, and Clint realizes for the first time that there’s another person in the room. He turns his head sharply and sees Bucky Barnes hovering near the door, looking… off. Clint pushes Rogers and he finally stands up so Clint can scramble out of the bed and grab some clothes. He’s wearing only boxers because it’s fucking hot in Wakanda, and he catches Barnes’ eyes flicking across his body.

Clint long ago stopped being bothered by people’s reactions to the many scars on his body – not that that many people actually see them - but that doesn’t mean he appreciates when they stare. “Like what you see?” he asks with a hard edge as he pulls on his shirt. Barnes turns his head, at least having the decency to look embarrassed for being caught staring.

Rogers looks at them both impatiently and quickly switches gears. “Clint, I need you to take Bucky. Get him out of Wakanda and somewhere safe.”
fanfic  Avengers  Clint/Bucky  Clint  Bucky  Steve  *better  novel(50000-100000) 
september 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
Tea with the Hatter (TGIF) [theorytale]
It's seven a.m., Thursday fourteenth November, 2013.

It always is.
fanfic  Avengers  Tony  Loki  Tony/Loki  novel(50000-100000)  *good 
august 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
Taking the Plunge, a Stitch at a Time [janonny]
Being a fugitive was not going to stop Steve from meeting with Tony to fix what happened between them. He just needed to avoid getting caught, which was a lot more complicated when New York was under attack. What Steve needed was a quick disguise so that he could help without being recognized...

His T-shirt was hanging in tatters and even his pants were badly ripped from the trip through the glass window and the spider’s attack. It was a spot of good luck that he had crashed into some sort of costume shop then, Steve realized as he looked around. There were all kinds of clothing everywhere, mainly black and in some sort of fake leather.
fanfic  Avengers  Steve/Tony  Steve  Tony  novel(50000-100000)  *good 
may 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
despite the threatening sky and shuddering earth (they remained) [praximeter (Zimario)]
“They really didn’t want the mask to come off.” Hill thumbed through the scans, and pulled out a film that she then handed over to Sam, face mostly expressionless but for the flat line of her pursed lips.

Sam accepted the film and held it up to the light, angling so both he and Steve could see it, squinting at the outline of the Winter Soldier’s skull, and the blips of unnatural white that showed up, God, in his brain, not to mention about half his teeth, plus the mask, with its thin protrusions—

“Those are pins,” Steve realized. He looked over at Hill. “The mask—it’s nailed to his face.”

Hill’s face was as unmoved as ever. “Like I said. They really didn’t want it coming off.”
fanfic  Avengers  Steve  Bucky  Sam  various  Bucky/Steve  *best  novel(50000-100000) 
april 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
Terrible Idea [MountainRose, szzzt]
Steve and Tony get captured by AIM. Steve can handle bad wine and worse monologuing, but when he gets back to the cell, Tony's not quite how he left him.

It doesn't slow them down much.
fanfic  Avengers  Tony/Steve  Tony  Steve  team  *best  novel(50000-100000) 
november 2017 by Presto.Cadenza
Gray [hiholly123]
Kilgrave doesn't remember. Jessica doesn't know what to do. The Doctor is afraid of what the future holds.
fanfic  Avengers  doctorwho  Jessica  Ten  Jack  various  novel(50000-100000)  *better  *Crossover 
june 2017 by Presto.Cadenza
Dimensional Dominoes [flawedamythyst]
Clint’s shoulders slumped. "Hi, I think I’m from another dimension. Here’s a tip: if the Fantastic Four ever offer you a beer, just say no."

Three different Clints from three different worlds. How hard can it be to get them each back to the right one, whilst also dealing with AIM, Hydra and the Mad Thinker?
fanfic  Avengers  Clint/Bucky  Clint  Bucky  team  novel(50000-100000)  *better 
may 2017 by Presto.Cadenza
What Doesn't Kill You [Teeelsie]
"It wasn’t particularly surprising when they came for him, at least, not to Clint."

After a brutal attack on the Raft, each member of the team deals with the aftermath as they regroup in Wakanda.
fanfic  Avengers  Clint/Phil  Clint  Phil  team  *good  novel(50000-100000) 
november 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
The Other Man out of Time [sara_holmes]
Also known as Time Travelling Clint Wrecks the Universe.

The Time Stone has a great day screwing around with dinosaurs and the fabric of reality. Pietro ignores Lab Safety Rules, Clint ends up with a doppelganger, Hawkeye Mark II ends up in Normandy, 1944. An average day for an Avenger, really.
fanfic  Avengers  Clint/Bucky  Clint  Bucky  Steve  team  novel(50000-100000)  *best 
october 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
The Avengers Hate Club [notebooksandlaptops]
Bucky Barnes is 99% certain that if he hears one more Avengers song, it could be fatal.

He's also 99% certain that the stranger with the bright smile and blonde hair he met at the cafe walked out of his dreams.

Starting an Avengers hate club with a man who buys you cake to combat your mental break down at hearing a stupid song one too many times seems like a fine idea, what could go wrong? It's not like either of them knows the Avengers....or that either one of them is in the band....right?


The one where Bucky falls hopelessly for Steve and starts an Avengers hate club with the lead singer of the Avengers.
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky  Steve  Bucky/Steve  novel(50000-100000) 
august 2016 by Presto.Cadenza

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