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Notion ( 是我和身边 Geek 好友会选择的一款笔记(提纲/列表/知识库)工具,最近新增了导入 Evernote 功能,抢饭碗意图十分明显。2015 年 Notion 曾面临创业资金耗尽的困局,不得不整个团队搬到日本,因为「那里生活成本低」,且「没人认识,可以专心写代码」。直到 2018 年 3 月,Notion 1.0 正式发布,大获成功,仅凭种子轮融资斩获 100 万用户。他们的天使用户发展路径:Google Docs 用户迁徙 -> HR -> 市场人员。
notion  startup  RiseAndFall 
2 days ago by xdash
Notion Pages
Discover new Notion templates and pages. Learn how to use Notion.
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3 days ago by jmml97
Notion Pages
Discover new Notion templates and pages. Learn how to use Notion.
Notion  模板  App  知识管理  工具 
11 days ago by trai25
One Tool To Rule Them All
a guide to using Notion for both todos and longer term planning
productivity  notion 
4 weeks ago by nickcharlton
Google and IBM still trying desperately to move cloud market-share needle | TechCrunch
While becoming cross-platform compatible isn’t exactly a radical notion in general, it most certainly is for a company like IBM, which if it had its druthers and a bit more market share, would probably have been content to maintain the status quo. But if the majority of your customers are pursuing a multi-cloud strategy, it might be a good idea for you to jump on the bandwagon — and that’s precisely what IBM has done by opening up access to Watson across clouds in this fashion.
"While  becoming  cross-platform  compatible  isn’t  exactly  a  radical  notion  in  general  it  most  certainly  is  for  company  like  IBM  which  if  had  its  druthers  and  bit  more  market  share  would  probably  have  been  content  to  maintain  the  status  quo.  But  majority  of  your  customers  are  pursuing  multi-cloud  strategy  might  be  good  idea  you  jump  on  bandwagon    that’s  precisely  what  has  done  by  opening  up  access  Watson  across  clouds  this  fashion. 
5 weeks ago by jonerp
The Hassle-Free JavaScript Toolchain Manager
notion  javascript  toolchain  manager  node  nodejs  web  programming  tool  environment  version 
6 weeks ago by vicchow
Notion Pages
Discover new Notion templates and pages. Learn how to use Notion.
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7 weeks ago by michaelhheng

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