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Tfw you cop the table you want just as you’re leaving work, reservation-less, on Friday night 🔥
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16 days ago by niederme
svn-monitor/ at master · acurci/svn-monitor
SVN Monitor for Ubuntu. Contribute to acurci/svn-monitor development by creating an account on GitHub.
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4 weeks ago by cjoker
RT : Congratulations to the team, who last night, were awarded the Dame Lesley Strathie…
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november 2018 by rjw1
How to use LISTEN and NOTIFY PostgreSQL commands in Elixir?
PostgreSQL offers an asynchronous Publish-Subscribe functionality in the form of the LISTEN and NOTIFY commands. A client registers its interest in a particular channel (a.k.a. topic or event) with…
postgresql  elixir  listen  notify  pubsub 
october 2018 by nuxlli

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