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Back to Basics: Perfect Your Note-Taking Techniques
While we might associate note-taking with school, it's something most of us continue doing for the bulk of our lives. If your techniques are feeling a bit crowded recently, it's time to get back to the basics and reboot your notes. Here are a few of the best practices.
5 days ago by pmelendres
The best note-taking apps for Android | TechConnect
Note-takers, take note: Whether you want gobs of features or uber-simplicity, these are the best apps for collecting and managing info on Android.
android  notetaking  application  review  evernote  onenote 
10 days ago by gilberto5757
Boostnote | Boost Happiness, Productivity, and Creativity.
The note-taking app for programmers that focusing on markdown, snippet and customizability.
Your best codes and wikis are always with you and edit from anywhere.
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15 days ago by mortonfox

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