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A small notebook for a system administrator / Habr
I am a system administrator, and I need a small, lightweight notebook for every day carrying. Of course, not just to carry it, but for use it to work.

I already have a ThinkPad x200, but it’s...
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6 days ago by gilberto5757
GitHub - CU-ITSS/Web-Data-Scraping-S2019
This is a five-week one-credit "mini-course" on retrieving ("scraping") data from the web. The course is intended for researchers in the social sciences and humanities with computational instincts but limited or no prior programming experience. Each class will be 2.5 hours long: we'll take a break mid-way for biological input and output. Lectures will use a combination of lecture-by-notebook as well as hands-on exercises. The end of each class will have links to resources and additional take-home exercises. Students will have the option of presenting their solutions to the take-home exercises at the beginning of the next class.
scraping  tutorial  python  notebook 
7 days ago by paulbradshaw
The computational notebook of the future
Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that I am not very happy with today’s state of computational notebooks, such as they were pioneered by Mathematica and popularized by more recent free incarnations such as Jupyter, R markdown, or Emacs/OrgMode. In this post and the accompanying screencast (my first one!), I will explain what I dislike about today’s notebooks, and how I think we can do better.
python  bestpractice  reproducibleresearch  computation  notebook  research 
8 days ago by deprecated
2018年を探す - copy and destroy
インターネットを再発見したのが2007年の tumblr だった。そのとき感じたこの世界、インターネット、未来はすでに過去になってしまっている。わたしたちは未来を生きている。この10年はだれかが見たかった未来でもあり、だれかが知りたかった過去でもある。だれでもなくわたしたち一人ひとりが過去と未来をリンクするこの一点に立っている。
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9 days ago by djmonta

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