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ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 UX550GD | Laptops | ASUS Global
ZenBook Pro 15 with up to 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 CPU, Nvidia GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti, 15.6´´ 4K PANTONE® Validated NanoEdge display and gigabit Wi-Fi.
gadget  notebook 
12 hours ago by andreaskoch
Binder (beta)
Turn a GitHub repo into a collection of interactive notebooks
Have a repository full of Jupyter notebooks? With Binder, open those notebooks in an executable environment, making your code immediately reproducible by anyone, anywhere.
jupyter  notebook  github  programming  python  binder 
yesterday by gdw
Highfive notebook
How to organize your notebooks with this amazingly simple system straight out of Japan
notetaking  notebook  oganization  tips  productivity 
yesterday by vitaminCPP
Moleskine Celebrate the Creative Process with New Art Stationery
Whether you’re a writer, an artist, or a musician, having the proper stationery can be vital when planning out your creative ideas and experiments. And for those who are loyal to Moleskine, the brand has recently expanded their luxury line of notebooks and journals with The Art Collection.
design  moleskine  notebook 
3 days ago by kogakure
Textual entailment with TensorFlow - O'Reilly Media
Attention readers: You can access all of the code on GitHub and view the IPython notebook here. Textual entailment is a simple exercise in logic that attempts to discern whether one sentence can be inferred from another.
Archive  free  notebook  tensorflow 
4 days ago by leninworld
Boostnote | Boost Happiness, Productivity, and Creativity.
"Your markdown notes are saved automatically as you write and various formatting options have semi-live previews so you can double check what you’re writing. Text is formatted as you type.

For code snippets the app is able to highlight code syntax in more than 100 languages, including Javascript, Python, HTML and CSS and you can store multiple code snippets within the same snippet."
programming  notetaking  markdown  editor  notebook 
4 days ago by lena
Discover insights faster and communicate more effectively with interactive notebooks for data analysis, visualization, and exploration.
notebook  visualization 
5 days ago by koencolpaert
nteract: write your next code-driven story.
nteract is a desktop application that allows you to develop rich documents that contain prose, executable code, and images.
interactive  computing  visualization  tools  python  jupyter  notebook  datascience  programming  app 
8 days ago by orlin

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