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How to make polished Jupyter presentations with optional code visibility · The File Drawer
"To make the code optionally visible, available at the click of a button, include a raw cell at the beginning of your notebook containing the JavaScript and HTML below."

function code_toggle() {
if (code_shown){
$('#toggleButton').val('Show Code')
} else {
$('#toggleButton').val('Hide Code')
code_shown = !code_shown

$( document ).ready(function(){
<form action="javascript:code_toggle()"><input type="submit" id="toggleButton" value="Show Code"></form>

Seems to be the best way to do this, with a fixed button at the top.

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3 days ago by np
Beyond Interactive: Notebook Innovation at Netflix – Netflix TechBlog – Medium
We can schedule other types of work through notebooks, too. When a Spark or Presto job executes from the scheduler, the source code is injected into a newly-created notebook and executed. That notebook then becomes an immutable historical record, containing all related artifacts — including source code, parameters, runtime config, execution logs, error messages, and so on. When troubleshooting failures, this offers a quick entry point for investigation, as all relevant information is colocated and the notebook can be launched for interactive debugging.
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5 days ago by euler
amie, discover more. Together.
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5 days ago by program247365
amie, discover more. Together.
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10 days ago by shazow
amie gives you an instant overview of your process.
From academia to business, data-driven narratives help you track and connect data, manage projects, and collaborate efficiently.
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10 days ago by danielpi
Jupyter Notebook Viewer
This notebook was derived from the Caltech "Learning from Data" course, specifically Lecture 9 on the logistic regression model. It is a simple Python implementation of the logistic regression model using NumPy.
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11 days ago by areich
Code&Quill | Notebooks for Creatives
Code&Quill crafts beautiful notebooks for designers, developers, and creative professionals. We focus on smart, useful products that you can use every day.
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13 days ago by egwillim

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