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Prairie Doll of Mine
by liketheroad

[Archived August 17, 2016]
Just as he had known, from the minute he saw him across the playground, that he wanted Ryan for his friend, as soon as the thought that he might actually want to kiss someone occurred to him, Spencer knew that he wanted that person to be Ryan. He knew it made him greedy, but the fact was that he didn't want to leave parts of Ryan out in the open to be taken by other people. Small Town AU
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:nc-17  au  theme:kids  theme:high-school  theme:abuse  length:25k-50k  bottom:ryan  note:favorite 
february 2017 by ryden
Every Speck of Dust Illuminated
by chaoticallyclev

[Archived July 4, 2015]
“Z Berg.” Brendon pauses dramatically for effect. “Is a witch.” Jon drags a spoon through the foam to draw a four leaf clover, complete with stem. Brendon admires it for a second. “Brendon,” Jon sighs. “I know you don’t like that Ryan is spending so much time with her, but you don’t get to go around saying shit about people.” Spine stiffening, Brendon responds as levelly as he can manage, “This has nothing to do with Ryan. Well, besides the fact that he’s hanging out with a witch.” --- Elizabeth Ann Berg is a witch. (and there is Charlotte the cat, Ryan the oblivious, and Brendon the hopelessly infatuated.)
pairing:brendon/ryan  rating:pg-13  au  theme:fantasy/supernatural  theme:high-school  theme:coffee-shop  length:10k-25k  note:favorite 
february 2017 by ryden
You Will Not Rattle Us Apart, Ryan Ross
by subterrain

[Archived April 21, 2016]
The gaymo vegan Brooklyn indie-rocker hipster AU.
pairing:brendon/ryan  rating:nc-17  au  theme:domestic  length:25k-50k  bottom:ryan  kink:rimming  note:favorite 
february 2017 by ryden
(I Am the Derivative and You Are the Curves)
by bestthingaround

[Archived March 27, 2016]
Brendon’s good at math. Ryan isn’t. In fact, Ryan’s so bad, he needs a tutor. In fact, his tutor is Brendon. This, of course, leads to weekly meetings, but sushi breaks and local concerts follow, to costume parties and beer pong, first dates and thanksgiving break, and more than Ryan could've thought possible from someone with a stack of books that thick.
pairing:brendon/ryan  rating:nc-17  au  theme:college  length:10k-25k  bottom:ryan  community:bandombigbang  event:bandom-big-bang  note:favorite 
february 2017 by ryden
Waiting For The Sun
by oxyidiot

[Archived February 3, 2016]
Post-apocalyptic boyswithwings!AU. When you’ve got wings, you should use them, right? Brendon resents being confined to the tiny Eagle village of Sky Peaks while his friends Jon and Spencer are out having adventures. But when Jon returns and Spencer’s still not back, Brendon decides to take matters into his own hands, sparking a chain of events that change the lives of both the Eagles and their rival clan, the Falcons, forever.
pairing:gen  rating:r  au  theme:fantasy/supernatural  theme:apocalypse  theme:sci-fi  theme:anthropomorphism  theme:disorder/illness  theme:abuse  length:25k-50k  community:bandombigbang  event:bandom-big-bang  note:favorite 
february 2017 by ryden
La nuit commence ici
by miznarrator

[Archived February 1, 2016]
Paris, 1921. Three years after the armistice, Ryan's still trying to come to terms with the death of his best friend Spencer. He's living in Montparnasse, far from the village outside Cannes where they grew up, working on an opera in his honour, when he meets a handsome stranger, Brendon, who's all to eager to help. In between rounds of amazing sex, he helps Ryan write the score and gains him introductions into a theatre where the production can take place. Ryan knows there's more to Brendon than he wants to acknowledge, but he can't guess HOW much. When the production goes horribly wrong on opening night, however, Ryan's forced to write a whole new score, to exact his revenge on the lover who betrayed him.
pairing:brendon/ryan  rating:nc-17  au  theme:historical  theme:fantasy/supernatural  length:10k-25k  bottom:ryan  bottom:brendon  community:bandombigbang  event:bandom-big-bang  note:favorite 
february 2017 by ryden
All We Fear is All that Can Save Us
by hidingoutside

[Archived January 4, 2016]
Jon and Ryan still talk to Spencer, and Jon still talks to Brendon, but since that decision was made last May, Ryan and Brendon haven't really talked. And Brendon knows that he shouldn't be surprised that Ryan's here; after all, he's here and he's never been as, well, expressive about sex as Ryan has been.
pairing:brendon/ryan  rating:nc-17  canon  theme:post-split  length:25k-50k  bottom:ryan  kink:d/s  kink:collaring  kink:snowballing  kink:sex-toys  kink:bondage  kink:rimming  kink:crossdressing  note:favorite 
february 2017 by ryden
Put my enemies to sleep
by lilywhitelilith

[Archived December 22, 2015]
"I will get us through this," he said fiercely. "As I always have. And as always, I will drag you along, kicking and screaming, and in the end, you will thank me." Retracing the Panic timeline from Summerlin to the Summer Tour.
pairing:brendon/ryan  pairing:brendon/brendon/ryan  rating:nc-17  canon  theme:based-on/crossover  theme:timeline  theme:doppelganger  length:25k-50k  bottom:ryan  bottom:brendon  note:favorite 
february 2017 by ryden
by takkatakkatakka

[Archived December 1, 2015]
I’ve been driving, wishing that nothing rhymed with ‘you’ so I could stop this poetry appearing in my head, and when I see you finally the emptiness fills with elements and all the sound is suddenly making it into my ears.
pairing:brendon/ryan  rating:pg-13  au  length:<5k  note:favorite 
february 2017 by ryden
The Littlest Birds
by oddishly

[Archived September 7, 2015]
"The insane, on occasion, are not without their charms." – Kurt Vonnegut
pairing:brendon/ryan  rating:r  au-or-canon  theme:fantasy/supernatural  theme:disorder/illness  length:5k-10k  note:favorite 
february 2017 by ryden
Present Progressive
by lilywhitelilith

[Archived July 19, 2015]
Ryan stops writing in online journals because he gets a real one.
pairing:brendon/ryan  rating:nc-17  canon  theme:timeline  length:10k-25k  bottom:ryan  kink:rimming  kink:snowballing  kink:sex-toys  kink:fisting  note:favorite 
february 2017 by ryden
you, the moon. you, the road.
by cheshire_hare & chokebacktears

[Archived June 21, 2015]
The announcement is made during the evening news -- the President speaks, then people from NASA, then the President again. They do give an actual scientific explanation for what will happen, but once everyone gets over the initial wave of disbelief and realize what is really going on and what it means, people just stop caring about it. It doesn’t matter how, doesn’t matter why-- it’s happening already, and nothing can be done to stop it. It’s official: the moon’s set to crash on Earth in exactly 12 months. An end-of-the-world! AU in which the moon does end up falling down.
pairing:brendon/ryan  rating:pg-13  canon  theme:post-split  theme:apocalypse  theme:road-trip  length:10k-25k  community:bandombigbang  event:bandom-big-bang  note:favorite 
february 2017 by ryden
Under The Upas Tree
by jocondite

[Archived June 3, 2015]
home is where one starts from. as we grow older the world becomes stranger, the pattern more complicated of dead and living. not the intense moment isolated, with no before and after but a lifetime burning in every moment...
pairing:brendon/ryan  rating:r  canon  theme:timeline  length:<5k  note:favorite 
february 2017 by ryden
Filthy Lucre.
by risky_business

[Archived March 9, 2015]
AU. Ryan Ross is living the American wet dream. He’s rich, he’s good looking, he’s paid just to turn up at parties and he spends his days doing drugs and climbing into bed with eager and willing boys and girls. Brendon Urie is a man bordering on desperation – whoring himself out to wealthy men in an attempt to support himself and his best friend’s worsening drug habit. When his job ensnares him in the glamorous world of the rich and the infamous, it’s not long before their paths cross and Ryan starts living his dark fantasies though Brendon – but only for a price.
pairing:brendon/ryan  pairing:brendon/jon  pairing:brendon/dallon  rating:nc-17  au  theme:sex-workers/strippers  theme:addiction/alcoholism  theme:disorder/illness  theme:religion  theme:job  length:100k+  bottom:brendon  bottom:ryan  kink:rimming  note:in-progress  note:favorite 
january 2017 by ryden
The Hand That Feeds You
by jzbell (pseud:sunday_porch)

[Archived March 1, 2015]
It's always easy enough for Ryan to come to him after the fact, after ignoring Brendon all night, after being with her; easy enough for Brendon to give in.
pairing:brendon/ryan  rating:nc-17  canon  theme:touring  length:<5k  bottom:ryan  note:favorite 
january 2017 by ryden
Posing in a Ballroom
by arctic_grey (pseud:beggarsnotes)

[Archived February 7, 2015]
They have it all: money, fame and a strong foothold in the New York scene of the young and the beautiful. But past the exterior, they are struggling to survive and keep their secrets to themselves as lines between lovers, friends and enemies begin to blur together.
pairing:brendon/ryan  pairing:brendon/spencer  pairing:jon/spencer  rating:nc-17  au  theme:addiction/alcoholism  theme:pseudo-incest  theme:college  theme:domestic  length:100k+  bottom:brendon  bottom:spencer  kink:bondage  kink:d/s  kink:rimming  kink:choking  note:favorite 
january 2017 by ryden
Just This Once, Be My Savior
by insunshine

[Archived December 24, 2014]
In which Ryan has a daughter, Brendon has a nephew and somehow, they manage to fall in love.
pairing:brendon/ryan  rating:nc-17  au  theme:kids  length:25k-50k  bottom:brendon  community:inlipstick  note:favorite 
january 2017 by ryden
That Promist Ayde the Tempest to Withstand
by lyo & stephanometra

[Archived December 22, 2014]
Disgraced sidhe heir Ryan must escape an awful appointment from his queen, and Spencer has a plan to do it.
pairing:brendon/ryan  rating:nc-17  au  theme:fantasy/supernatural  length:10k-25k  bottom:brendon  bottom:ryan  community:popoffacork  event:bandom-story-swap  note:favorite 
january 2017 by ryden
Unknown Quantities
by roebling

[Archived November 30, 2014]
Ryan isn't sure what he's doing in LA any longer. Post-split story.
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:r  canon  theme:post-split  theme:disorder/illness  length:10k-25k  note:favorite 
january 2017 by ryden

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