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The NOTCH1/SNAIL1/MEF2C Pathway Regulates Growth and Self-Renewal in Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma: Cell Reports
looking at myosarcomas, notch1 synergizes with kras mutation to increase lineage plasticity via snail - maybe similar with 231 cells (have a kras mutation) and other breast cancers with kras mutations/
Notch  kras  lineage_plasticity  dedifferentiation  snail 
4 days ago by Segalllab
The iPhone X’s notch already works • BGR
Chris Smith:
<p>the side effect of Apple’s decision to introduce both an all-screen iPhone design and the Face ID functionality this year is the ugly “notch.” There’s no way to defend it, especially when it comes to the iPhone X’s user interface.

But the phone’s notch has a second, possibly unintended purpose that is becoming more evident as we approach the iPhone X’s November 3rd release date.

The notch gives the iPhone X a unique design that will be easily recognized by anyone. Rather than being an all-screen device that has only generic features, the iPhone X has the camera sensor at the top that breaks the display line at the top of the phone.

iPhone fans can easily tell when someone is using an iPhone X. So can iPhone haters. A glance at the notch is enough to confirm the phone is indeed Apple’s best iPhone to date. And it’s even easier to spot the iPhone X in the wild right now.</p>

Yes. Exactly this. Apple is a company which not only wants you to enjoy using your device; it wants other people to know you're using it too. Why else the bright white of EarPods, and then AirPods? Why else the huge fights with Samsung over the "design patent" of the iPhone, and particularly the roundness of the corners? If there was one thing that infuriated Apple executives in the past decade, it was Samsung's blatant copying of the appearance of the iPhone 3GS.

The notch is a subtle nudge to anyone not using the phone that this one is different. Smith has put his finger on it; people like Marco Arment and John Gruber who find the notch unconscionable are missing the point. Design is how it works: the notch works to tell people that this is the iPhone X.

If you don't believe me, watch out for how many phones next year try to "extend" their screen above the front-facing camera, which is of course centred, because why not? Oh, you say it looks like the iPhone X?
apple  iphonex  notch  design 
11 days ago by charlesarthur
Designing Websites for iPhone X | WebKit
RT : Advice for web developers on usig Safari (and other WebKit-based iOS browsers) in light of the
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14 days ago by qdot
IL-17 induced NOTCH1 activation in oligodendrocyte progenitor cells enhances proliferation and inflammatory gene expression | Nature Communications
Intriguing that IL17R can interact with Notch and enhance cleavage together then with a downstream interactor, Act1 binding and directing the NICD1. I think this does still depend on ligand (JAG1) binding to notch as well

"L-17 crosstalks with NOTCH1, a pathway that is known to promote OPC proliferation and suppress OPC differentiation, contributing to demyelinating disease. IL-17R interacts with NOTCH1 via the extracellular domain, which facilitates the cleavage of NICD1, formation of the Act1–NICD1 complex and subsequent translocation into the nucleus. As a result, Act1 and the transcription factor RBP-J are recruited to the promoters of several Th17-induced NOTCH1 target genes, such as STEAP4, which are critical for inflammation and cell proliferation. Mechanistically, we found Act1 enhanced the interaction of NICD1 with co-activators of the transcription factor RBP-J, thereby promoting expression of the target genes.""
Notch  il17  JAG1 
15 days ago by Segalllab
Designing Websites for iPhone X
Your website can make use of a few similar new pieces of WebKit API introduced in iOS 11 to take full advantage of the edge-to-edge nature of the display.
fridayfrontend  css  webkit  safari  iphone  notch  viewport  min  max 
25 days ago by spaceninja
Apple’s iPhone X notch is an odd design choice - The Verge
The : an ugly design aberration meaning I may go for the iPhone 8 Plus, not the .
notch  iPhoneX  from twitter
4 weeks ago by donaldjenkins
YAP/TAZ link cell mechanics to Notch signalling to control epidermal stem cell fate | Nature Communications
Notch is a tumor suppressor for skin cancer so may work differently here than in mammary gland - still - matrix stiffness/cell stretching can activate YAP/TAZ which then suppresses expression of Notch ligands

"...several Notch ligands, such as DLL1, DLL3 and JAG226, are all associated with several YAP/TAZ-bound enhancers. Chromatin immunoprecipitation quantitative polymerase chain reaction (ChIP-qPCR) experiments confirmed that YAP/TAZ were specifically bound to these chromatin regions in epidermal progenitors cultured on stiff substrates but not in cells in which the F-actin cytoskeleton has been disrupted (Fig. 7a and Supplementary Fig. 5a). Consistently, by qRT–PCR, the expression of DLL1, DLL3 and JAG2 was mechano-dependent, being downregulated both in cells plated on soft ECM (Fig. 7b) or treated with F-actin inhibitors (Supplementary Fig. 5c) or upon YAP/TAZ knockdown (Fig. 7c). Thus these Delta-like ligands represent direct YAP/TAZ targets"
Notch  jag  dll1  taz  YAP  stiffness  differentiation 
4 weeks ago by Segalllab

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