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may 2018 by asteroza
URGENT - UK airspace
- Issued by
High priority fast moving traffic - May not be able to comply with ATC
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december 2017 by ash
FAA issues GPS interference flight advisory : GPS World June 2016
[[Editor’s note: After this story was posted, and after the Navigate! enewsletter containing it was sent out to 27,128 subscribers, GPS World received notice that in fact the U.S. Navy canceled plans to jam GPS signals in the vicinity of the China Lake, California, Naval Air Weapons Station. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) had raised concerns about the impact on civilian air traffic and the size of the affected area. The Navy did not reveal the cause of the cancellation, other than to say the reason was “internal.”]]
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september 2016 by pierredv
GPS Interference Notam For Southwest - AVweb flash Article - June 2016
"A Notam (PDF) is warning operators of “all aircraft relying on GPS” of widespread GPS outages starting Tuesday throughout the Southwest and especially southern California. Although the FAA doesn’t go into detail, it seems the military is testing something that can disrupt GPS over a huge area, centered on China Lake, California, home of the Navy’s China Lake Naval Weapons Center. "
"Operators of Embraer Phenom 300 business jets are being urged to avoid the area entirely. “Due to GPS Interference impacts potentially affecting Embraer 300 aircraft flight stability controls, FAA recommends EMB Phenom pilots avoid the … testing area and closely monitor flight control systems,” the Notam reads."
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september 2016 by pierredv

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