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oxymoronic: Star Trek Big Bang: On A Day Like This [Master Post]
Kirk misses the shutle to join Starfleet. Because he wasn't their to stop Nero, Earth is destroyed like Vulcan. Kirk meets up with McCoy while fleeing Earth and the two go on to save the rest of the universe.
fic  slash  Star_Trek  Kirk/McCoy  bottom!Kirk  AU  not_Starfleet!Kirk  apocalypse!fic  action-adventure  hurt!Kirk  protective!McCoy  first-time/get-together  angst  family/friendship  team!fic  complete  long  NC-17 
november 2009 by brightnail

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action-adventure  angst  apocalypse!fic  au  bottom!kirk  complete  family/friendship  fic  first-time/get-together  hurt!kirk  kirk/mccoy  long  nc-17  protective!mccoy  slash  star_trek  team!fic 

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