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we built this city - Fahye - Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater [Archive of Our Own]
Henry pov of the post-book events.
Henry tries to catch Ronan's eye, meaning to excavate a little of the meaning there, but his gaze is hijacked by Adam's instead.

"So what does that make you?" Adam asks him.

"A ring-in," Henry says brightly. Blue and Gansey both make lazy sounds of protest. "Oh, by rights, my liege, you should have a bard. You'll notice I am uniquely unqualified for that position."

"Not a bard," Adam says. He taps at his phone and then holds it out. "A chronicler."
ravencycle  fahye  not-NC17  adam/ronan  blue/gansey/henry  post-book 
july 2016 by greedy_dancer
live inside whatever flies - Raven (singlecrow) - The Watchmaker of Filigree Street - Natasha Pulley [Archive of Our Own]
"You don't have to say anything," Mori says, soldering the edges of another clockwork bird, this one a creature of fantasy, wings translucent like boiled sweets. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to do."

Thaniel sits at the table and puts his head down, hands in his hair. He intends to speak of how he walked around London today led only by dice and coin tosses and chance, and it was exhausting; about how Fanshaw told him he spoke Japanese like a native speaker, because what is native to him has been altered, as though clockwork lives within his flesh; that love is something and the best of things but not everything that one can choose. That one must choose.

That he is still sorry, for the day's grief; that he would have been back earlier, but the fog was so thick.
watchmaker-of-filigree-street  keita/thaniel  raven  not-NC17 
june 2016 by greedy_dancer
What Six Sees - Trismegistus (Lebateleur) - The Watchmaker of Filigree Street - Natasha Pulley [Archive of Our Own]
Six sees a few things, and finds an old friend.
Six strode through the door that afternoon like a conquering general, head raised proudly to show off the bruise purpling around her right eye.

‘Oh my God,’ Mr Steepleton gasped. Six didn’t know why he was making such a fuss, when anyone could see Mr Mori already had a poultice ready on the table. ‘Six,’ he said, dropping to his knees to take her by the shoulders. ‘What happened?’

‘Billy Miller said you and Mr Mori were—’ She told them what he’d said to her, tripping over the unfamiliar phrase. ‘Six made him stop.’

Mr Steepleton looked over his shoulder at Mr Mori in alarm. Six preened. Billy Miller was big and several years older, and she hadn’t been sure she could beat him, either. But she could tell he was saying something nasty about Mr Mori and Mr Steepleton and she hadn’t wanted to let him, so she fought him anyway. And she had won.

Several minutes of confusion followed during which Mr Steepleton asked her question after question without waiting for her answers and Mr Mori held the poultice to her face with eyes that were caring and sad. Finally, Six decided she’d had enough, and told them that she was going to go play in the garden.
watchmaker-of-filigree-street  keita/thaniel  gen  lebateleur  not-NC17  domestic!fic  post-book 
june 2016 by greedy_dancer
It's Not You, It's Me - randomizer - Carry On - Rainbow Rowell [Archive of Our Own]
Simon and Baz are having relationship trouble, but an inadvertant bodyswap spell gives them some perspective. (Too bad about the no-sex-while-bodyswapped bit :p)
“Get through it?” Simon gapes at her. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, Simon will go out to lunch as Baz, and Baz will Skype with Simon’s therapist. How hard can that be?”

“How hard can that BE? Very, very hard!” Simon is actually making Baz’s deep voice squeak. “I can’t go out to lunch with Baz’s father! What would we talk about?”

“You wouldn’t have to say much, actually. With my father, you just need to smile, nod, agree, and not slurp your soup. You’d probably find that part hardest of all.” Baz-as-Simon is sounding a bit more like himself. “The question is, how could I get by with your therapist? She actually does talk to you, doesn’t she?”

Simon sighs. “If you just say ‘I’m not sure,’ or ‘I need to think that over,’ she’s pretty happy. You can probably do it—it’s only fifty minutes, and sometimes the screen freezes for part of it.”
bodyswap  carryon  simon/baz  gen  post-book  not-NC17  randomizer 
april 2016 by greedy_dancer
Write Me a Story - Graantaire - Carry On - Rainbow Rowell [Archive of Our Own]
Cool concept, some caveats. Simon starts writing to get over the events at the end of the book.
"Tell me about it," he said. "I want to hear about your dumb, really dumb story, Simon Snow."

Grateful that the conversation was moving on, Simon swallowed. "Well. Um. It's just about these two sisters, I guess. And they've just graduated, so they're going to a Normal school. I was going to have it just one sister, but I wanted them to have someone to talk to? Anyway. They're twins. And the main one, Cath, she likes this boy ..."

"With blue eyes."

"Yeah." It was kind of stupid how nice it felt to talk about this. It was like saying a spell. And Baz was really listening to him, his eyes all sharp. It was only scientific interest, Simon reminded himself -- Mages didn't normally do this sort of thing. "His name is Levi, and he's, um. He's a werwolf."
simon/baz  carryon  not-NC17  gen  meta  post-book  graantaire 
april 2016 by greedy_dancer
old haunts are for forgotten ghosts (
Louis loses two years of his memory - the years during which Nick went from "threat to his relationship with Harry" to "integral part of their relationship."
“Nick and you and me. We’re in a relationship. The three of us. For over a year, now,” Harry finishes, the small smile when he says it not quite reaching his eyes.

There’s a beat of silence. Louis blinks again. And then all at once, the words sink in.

“There’s no fucking way,” Louis exclaims, because quite frankly, he’s sure it can not possibly be the truth.

“Thanks very much,” Grimshaw says, “brilliant. Lovely.”
amnesia  h/c  nick/harry/louis  fortymaliks  domestic!fic  hurt!louis  hurt!Nick  harry/louis  threesome  not-NC17  polyamory  angst  happy!ending  from twitter
december 2014 by greedy_dancer
Untitled (
Zayn turns into a cat. Annemari does the best banter!
"He, like, fucking exploded or summat. There was this ball of fire, and then—that."

"Fire?" Liam asks. "Why fire?"

"I don't know why there was bloody fire," Louis yells. They're not taking him seriously. He hates that anyway—more so when he's actually being serious—but in this case it's an emergency.

"Alright, calm down," Niall says. "Not our fault your story has holes."

Louis feels like he's going to cry.

"Zayn," he says. "Zayn, come on, tell them."

"Meow," says Zayn.

There's a pause.

"Wow," Harry says. "Yeah, I definitely believe you now." He tickles behind Zayn's ear. Louis hates him. He hates them all.
1D  crack  annemari  zayn/louis  not-NC17  drugs  humour  from twitter
october 2014 by greedy_dancer
If These Ears Could Talk - LittleMousling - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
THURSTON POV. Amazing. Early days Nick & Harry (and Ian/Aimee) get together.
“Nick—” Clumsy Man says, and Tall Loud Man licks him again. I have seen people lick Tall Loud Man, but I have never seen Tall Loud Man lick anyone. No: that is not true. I have seen Tall Loud Man lick many people, even Mine, but always when he smelled sharp and cold. Tonight he smells warm. Tall Loud Man often smells warm, but right now he smells warmer than ever. Clumsy Man makes him quiet and warm, and makes him lick the mouth. Clumsy Man is unusual.

“I don’t know what you want,” Tall Loud Man says, but he licks the mouth again so that Clumsy Man cannot answer. “I never know—I don’t understand why you—you could—” He shakes his head. “I don’t understand.”

“But I do,” Clumsy Man says, and they are quiet again. This is far more licking than seems correct. Surely Clumsy Man understands by now that Tall Loud Man belongs to him. He does not need any more licking.
littlemousling  1D/Radio1  nick/harry  not-NC17  outsidePOV 
september 2014 by greedy_dancer
Tower - threeturn - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Zayn's parents really want him to marry a prince, so they lock him in a tower with a magic spell. Also, Louis is a bat. Amazingly delightful!
"That was gorgeous, mate. Absolutely amazing," said Liam, and hiked himself onto the windowsill. "Didn't know you were a bard."

"Oh, I'm not," said Zayn. "Cow farmer, basically. My parents, I mean." He didn't mention the whole side-line in magic his parents had going. If word got out, it could give the whole game away.

"Well, farmers are the soul of this land," said Liam.

"Right," said Zayn. "And the bloody royals taxing them right and left."

Liam looked stricken.

"Your family too, huh?" Zayn asked. "Between you and me, Liam, I don't think people like us are gonna stand for it much longer."
threeturn  au  magical!creatures  zayn/liam  niall/harry  crack  humour  not-NC17  1D 
september 2014 by greedy_dancer
Strong and Splendid and True - Sineala - The Eagle (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Marcus heard a rumor Britons don't kiss. Esca sets the record straight.
"So you are saying that you do kiss?"

Esca smiles and thankfully manages to keep himself from laughing again. "Oh, yes. In fact, I would venture to say we're better at it than you Romans."

"You would, would you?" Marcus' eyes narrow at this slight.

"It is simple." Esca shrugs. "I have kissed Britons, and I have kissed Romans, and in every case the Romans were the worse of the two."

"You're only saying that because you're a Briton. For Romans, kissing is an art." Marcus takes a breath and Esca has to cut in before he starts quoting that damned poem again. Give me a thousand kisses, indeed. The number does not matter when the kisses themselves are so wretched. Kissing Marcus, though, ah, that might be enjoyable, and from the way Marcus has looked at him, he has often suspected Marcus of harboring similar thoughts. And so he wonders, could they? It would be pleasant to try. But if he simply kisses Marcus, or offers to, Marcus will run like a startled horse; he must go about this carefully.
sineala  TheEagle  marcus/esca  not-NC17  first-time 
june 2014 by greedy_dancer
Fine By Me (if you never leave) - harriet_vane - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis told his mum he was dating Liam, and now she wants to meet him properly. Adorable!
“Did you just lie to your mum and tell her that Liam is your boyfriend?” Zayn asked, managing to sound bored and amused in the same breath.

“No,” Louis said. “I lied to her ages ago and then I forgot. And now she wants to meet him. Meet him again, I mean, this time as my boyfriend.”

Zayn was clearly trying not to laugh. “Does Liam know he’s your boyfriend?”

“No,” said Louis crossly. “Of course he doesn’t.” He picked up one of the sofa cushions and held it over his face.

“Well, you’ve either got to tell Liam he is your boyfriend, or your mum that he isn’t.” Zayn shrugged unhelpfully. “Choice A or choice B?’

“Choice C, throw myself into traffic,” Louis said into the pillow.
passe_simple  1D  liam/louis  au  real-life!au  college!au  fake!dating  happy!ending  not-NC17 
june 2014 by greedy_dancer
last hurrah (gryles ficlet)
AHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh so much love. N/H have a last wild weekend (night) before the baby arrives.
"I dunno if I can. Like. Shag you. At this moment in time. Due to alcohol."

"You’re hard," Harry protests, groping at him with one clumsy hand.

"I’m aware of that, thank you-"

"So, c’mon, don’t be a fucking - little - stupid. Face."

"I’m so sleepy," Nick whines. "And my head’s all spin- spinny."

"Spin spinny," Harry says, giggling. "You’re bloody useless."

"Spin spinny."

"Spinnnnnnnn spinny," Harry laughs into Nick’s ear.

Nick feels a sudden wave of urgency, and he pulls back, cups Harry’s face in both hands. Harry’s skin is hot and flushed under his palms, and his eyes are dark and green and very, very drunk. Nick feels the exact same way. He forgot how too much booze did this - made him feel tragic and important and deep, like there was never going to be another moment like this again.
nick/harry  1D/Radio1  ymorton  tumblr  child!fic  baby!fic  domestic!fic  schmoop  not-NC17 
june 2014 by greedy_dancer
Au where nick is turned into a merman by a witch but he lives in his friends pool and he is BORED. Then he meets Harry bla bla true loves first kiss etc. x
Nick's been cursed into a merman until he gets his true love's kiss. Harry starts hanging out by his pool.
"I’m storming off," Nick warns her. "I have to go slow ‘cos I don’t want to spill my drink. But I’m storming off, and you should know that. See if I give you any tips on tail flaps, Aimee Phillips."

Aimee cackles, which Nick ignores as he swims carefully in the opposite direction, drink held aloft.

"That was close," says a boy on the other side of the pool. He’s got his legs dangled in the water and a big smile. He’s really very pretty. If Nick were still the leg-having type, he’d be right in there. "Thought it was a goner for sure."

"I know,” Nick sighs, putting the drink down at the edge. “First month, I think I spilled three times my body mass in vodka into this thing. I swear I got drunk from breathing the alcoholic pool water.”
au  magical!creatures  waspabi  nick/harry  1D/Radio1  first-time  not-NC17  tumblr  fluff 
may 2014 by greedy_dancer
Can you link me to the fic your wrote where nick climbs into bed drunk w Aimee??? Please and thank you
Snippet: Upset!Nick climbs into bed with Ian & Aimee.
"Whas goin’ on?" Ian whispers, and Nick looks over at him, swaying a little.

"Nothing," he says, moodily. "Aims, let me stay. Don’t make me sleep alone when he’s only just left, I’ll bloody slit my wrists.”

"You’re such a fucking two year old. God. Alright. C’mere, brat."

She’s lifting the duvet, without even consulting Ian, and before Ian can say anything Nick’s tucked himself into bed next to Ian’s girlfriend.

Ian props himself up on his elbow, looks at the two of them. Nick has one arm wrapped around Aimee’s waist, his face pressed into her neck, and she’s holding his hand.

Ian makes a face, even though they’re both dead asleep.

"Hate you both," he whispers, and Nick says, eyes closed, "Shut up, Ian."
nick&aimee  nick&ian  nick/harry  1D/Radio1  ymorton  tumblr  not-NC17  domestic!fic 
may 2014 by greedy_dancer
Ours - estrella30 - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Nick & baby pay Harry a surprise visit on tour.
None of that really matters at all, because the last time Nick spoke to Harry, Harry sounded tired. He was drained and homesick and when Nick took the mobile back from where Max had been drooling all over it while making his baby sounds at his da, Harry had been choked up on the other end and trying to hide it. He was close to tears though, Nick could tell, and it killed him, hearing Harry like that.

There’s not a trip on earth Nick wouldn’t make to go see Harry if it will make him happy. Not on this earth or any other.
estrella30  baby!fic  father!nick  father!harry  1D/Radio1  schmoop  not-NC17 
april 2014 by greedy_dancer
Forecast - checkthemargins - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
1D get into a (minor) car accident, Nick freaks out a bit.
Harry makes this quiet little sound and Nick is aching for him. "Louis's out of commission for a week, so we're coming home."

Nick blinks, sitting up straight in his bed. "If you're having me on, Styles, I'll—"

"No!" Harry says; Nick can hear his grin. "No, really, we're leaving tomorrow night, once we've been in hospital for twenty-four hours for observation. Flight already booked and all. I'll need to see my mum and stuff at some point but—"

"You're staying with me," Nick says at once, firmly.

"Was hopin' you'd say that," Harry murmurs, and he sounds a bit different, voice lower and tired. Nick bites his bottom lip hard enough to hurt.
checkthemargins  1D/Radio1  nick/harry  h/c  hurt!harry  not-NC17  schmoop 
april 2014 by greedy_dancer
commercial company (gryles prostitute au ficlet)
Journalist!Nick meets hooker!Harry at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere, USA.
It’d be nice for Harry to have a place to sleep. Somewhere inside. If he has to, he can go back to the lot, find somewhere. Someone.

But it shimmers in his mind, tempting. The idea that he might not need to suck dick to find a place to sleep, tonight.

Nick’s fumbling for his jacket, and Harry says, thinking quick, “I’ll - I’ll let you put me in your story if you, if you let me sleep in your hotel room. Or - or whatever else you want to do, we can do whatever.”

He feels his cheeks heat.

Nick looks at him, eyes soft and measured.

"Do you need a place to sleep?" he says. "Because it’s alright. You don’t have to do anything for it, it’s fine. I’ve got two beds anyway, wouldn’t want one to go to waste."

Harry’s breath catches hard in his throat, so he just nods, fiercely, and Nick pays the bill, quick and easy, sliding an AmEx onto the receipt and smiling at the bartender.
angst  1D/Radio1  nick/harry  not-NC17  ymorton  tumblr  lonely!harry  hooker!au  hooker!harry 
april 2014 by greedy_dancer
Connected - lazy_daze - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Teenage Liam & Zayn get cursed by a magic music box and have to touch at all times. So cute!
His hand is still clumsily wrapped around Zayn's so he pulls it up til their hands are held in mid air between them, and he slowly loosens his fingers. For a moment after his skin completely leaves Zayn's, it's fine, then there's a pressure behind his eyes, then agonising pain zings through his head and his stomach twists. Zayn gasps at the same moment he does, and their hands clasps again quickly, fingers interlocking this time.

"Well," says Liam. "This is - odd."

"This is ridiculous," says Zayn. "What is going on?"

Then he looks at the music box. "Can't believe I'm saying this, like, but. I'm thinking. Maybe the music box was, like. Cursed?"
lady_daze  1D  zayn/liam  soulbonding  first-time  au  real-life!au  not-NC17 
april 2014 by greedy_dancer
ficlet: In the Deep End, gryles, kidfic, non-famous au, 3k
Nick's a single father, Aimee signs him up for baby swimming classes where Harry is instructor.
The pool door squeals loudly as it swings shut behind him and the fourteen women and their babies sat in a circle by the side of the pool turn as one to stare in his direction. Nick tries for a smile and gives a little wave with his free hand. There’s nothing like being twenty minutes late, dressed like it’s still 2004 and with hair like a bird’s nest to help make new friends.

And then a young, tanned, tattooed man wearing a pair of tiny tangerine trunks bounces to his feet in the middle of the group and Christ, Nick suddenly understands exactly why Aimee had signed him up for this class. He is going to murder her.
nick/harry  1D/Radio1  tumblr  au  real-life!au  father!nick  baby!fic  child!fic  not-NC17  zelda-monkey 
march 2014 by greedy_dancer
a nation of their own - Can we still send in kiss prompts? Because I would quite like to see your take on 9, jawline kiss!
Ficlet of Harry worried about Nick in the aftermath of the glass-eating incident.
Mum texted. You alright?

Nick sighed and allowed himself to wait a moment before responding. He sort of wasn’t all right, was the thing. He was tired and he was stroppy and his throat was scratchy and he’d gone to the A&E at nine in the fucking morning and missed his own show, and he was still having to fucking block people on twitter. He’d also had an awkward sort of date-not-date with Billy last night, wherein Nick might have thought it was more of a date than Billy had, and he felt foolish, to say the least.

And here was Harry, swanning in after being in the Land of the Fabulous, wondering if Nick was all right.
mrsronweasley  tumblr  nick/harry  1D/Radio1  not-NC17 
march 2014 by greedy_dancer

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