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Star Wars Books and Comics I'm Reading in Anticipation of Episode IX
December feels very, very far away right now. Along with my birthday, Chanukkah, and Christmas, it also brings Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker—which, let’s be honest, is the thing about which I’m most excited.
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5 weeks ago by akaelissa
getyourwordsout | I Don’t Wanna Write! How To Keep Writing When You Lack Motivation
Secret time. I have lacked motivation for writing since about 2015. Stress hit me hard that year and I had to put my writing by the wayside. It was another full year until I got back to it, and while some days have been easier than others, sometimes I feel my motivation has permanently fled.
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6 weeks ago by akaelissa
getyourwordsout | Self-publishing tell-all: Celia Lake
One of the topics for GYWO this year is a self-publishing tell-all. This post is a bit of 'what I've figured out' and a bit of 'how it's going for me so far' with a side of 'what my next steps are'.
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6 weeks ago by akaelissa
spiderman 3 fan script feat. jewish bi peter parker, black male mj and kamala khan
really really well done
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february 2019 by starbit
Writing Tips: Learn to Love Outlining by Finding Your Unique Planning Style | The Creative Penn
There is no ‘right' way to write. There is no ‘right' way to outline. You will find your own way to a process that works for you, but it's always good to know the options!

In today's article, writing coach Megan Barnhard explains the different types of outlining styles and gives tips for improving your process. 
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february 2019 by akaelissa
Writing Begins With Forgiveness: Why One of the Most Common Pieces of Writing Advice Is Wrong | Seven Scribes
Writing advice blogs say it. Your favorite writers say it. MFA programs say it.


Write every single day.

It’s one of the most common pieces of writing advice and it’s wildly off base. I get it: The idea is to stay on your grind no matter what, don’t get discouraged, don’t slow down even when the muse isn’t cooperating and non-writing life tugs at your sleeve. In this convoluted, simplified version of the truly complex nature of creativity, missing a day is tantamount to giving up, the gateway drug to joining the masses of non-writing slouches.
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february 2019 by akaelissa
The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species - Lightspeed Magazine
essentially, how different species of aliens record data
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february 2019 by starbit
Pretentious Title: How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day
When I started writing The Spirit War (Eli novel #4), I had a bit of a problem. I had a brand new baby and my life (like every new mother's life) was constantly on the verge of shambles. I paid for a sitter four times a week so I could get some writing time, and I guarded these hours like a mama bear guards her cubs - with ferocity and hiker-mauling violence. To keep my schedule and make my deadlines, I needed to write 4000 words during each of these carefully arranged sessions. I thought this would be simple. After all, before I quit my job to write full time I'd been writing 2k a day in the three hours before work. Surely with 6 hours of baby free writing time, 4k a day would be nothing....

But (of course), things didn't work out like that. Every day I'd sit down to add 4000 words to my new manuscript. I was determined, I was experienced, I knew my world. There was no reason I couldn't get 4k down. But every night when I hauled myself away, my word count had only increased by 2k, the same number of words I'd been getting before I quit my day job. 
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january 2019 by akaelissa
donutsweeper | Titles! (aka titling, the bane of many a fanfic writer's existence)
Titling fics can be one of the hardest parts of writing. A lot of people love to use quotes for their titles or do what I do in that they take a quote/idea and play with the wording to get something that will work for their story. But, that still means finding quotes or whathaveyou, right? Here are some places to start.
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january 2019 by akaelissa
moeblobmegane - TACHIBANA MAKOTO (#17) / MATSUOKA RIN (#1) PRIMER
(A fake primer, not-fic written for the prompt: Different Sport.)

Are you interested in boys crying over victories and losses in sports? Are you interested in the beautiful bond that is born between a pitcher and a catcher? Well, you're at the right place then. Come in and join me as I cry over Matsuoka Rin and Tachibana Makoto of the Tottori Pirates. you won't regret it.
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october 2018 by hear-the-rain
Gia Appreciation Life, Twist and Shout Recovery List
My friend just finished Twist and Shout, and since I cannot find the recovery list I used to get through the post-Twist and Shout depression, I have put together my own. Here you go. (ones with asterisks are smut) 
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april 2018 by akaelissa
Polyamorous Recommendations
What you’ll find here: The following in flavors of slash, het, and gen: spies of all kinds, from SD6 to Section 1; vampires, slayers, watchers, scoobies, evil lawyers, and ministers of grace; buddy cops out the ying-yang; space cowboys, big damn heroes, and Jedi Knights; rockers both punk and glam; wizards, witches, death eaters, elves, hobbits, and dwarves (oh my); immortals who cannot die (but at least they come); big gay alien superheroes and the criminal masterminds who love them; sports entertainment professionals; FBI agents and the rats who fuck them (over); and mutants, mutants, everywhere.
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march 2018 by akaelissa
I find the lack of gaanaru fics... disturbing. And... - I'd rather have that thousand words, thanks
I find the lack of gaanaru fics... disturbing. And by that I mean could you maybe rec me some? Pretty please? I'd kill for some post-canon (but not epilogue compliant) ones tbh, but I'll take anything
not-fic  rec-list  naruto  gaanaru 
march 2018 by akaelissa
A Question of Köçek – Men in Skirts | Belly Dancer's Mind - Dance and Transformation
I came across some excellent video of Köçek dancers in Turkey recently, thought I’d post a bit about them. 
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february 2018 by akaelissa
survive through day 2
Anonymous asked: what r ur fav kakairu and kurodai fics? lov ur writing n the way u characterize everyone :))
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october 2017 by akaelissa

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